IKEA Bootcamp is a pilot-focused program for IKEA to test real collaborations with up to 20 selected growth stage startups. The program provides a balance of concentrated on-site engagement for key events in Sweden, case-by-case collaboration and time to work on your startup. The selected teams will get a first indication of the collaboration potential with IKEA already after two weeks on-site engagement, meaning you will only invest the remaining time of the 3 months based on mutual recognition of the potential to explore a pilot together. The program has unprecedented access into key decision-makers in IKEA to drive pilots, support by a Lead Mentor from Rainmaking`s global network of serial entrepreneurs, investors and more. IKEA may end up licensing your technology, co-build a prototype, development agreements, acquisition, etc. We figure out the model together.

Program Types:
Program duration in weeks: 12
Investment Stages:

Location: Sweden