Startup Fundraising Forms and Templates

Save your time and use our customizable startup documents and templates.

These templates are ideal for startups that are in the process of raising capital.

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs put together when seeking a round of fundraising from investors.

Executive Summary

It’s a brief document that summarizes the business plans of your startup. Executive Summary is generally used for early rounds of funding, seeking partners, and business loans.

Accredited Investor Questionnaire - FORM

An application every investor should submit. Fundraising from non-institutional and non accredited investors is risky

Convertible Promissory Note FORM

Is an investment vehicle often used by seed investors investing in startups who wish to delay establishing a valuation for that startup until a lat...

Note Purchase Agreement (NPA) - FORM

A template of an agreement needed when issuing convertible notes