Kstartup is a leading startup accelerator dedicated to helping startups and entrepreneurs in Korea succeed globally by providing them with mentoring, workshops, and access to a dedicated network of accomplished entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. Partnership Kstartup started as an acceleration program under AppCenter and has grown to become the No. 1 startup accelerator in Korea with seed fund. AppCenter is a non-profit organization which focuses on supporting and incubating application developers and startups and hosting various events for them. Kstartup has been in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs, SK Planet, Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, Hyundai HCN, Hyundai Media, and BAM Ventures. Google chose Kstartup as their first accelerator/incubator partner in Asia for the ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ program, and we are proud to have worked together as a partner sharing the same vision which is to help foster growth with entrepreneurs in Korea through our programs, workshops, and mentoring.


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