Am�Elie Juge

Am�Elie Juge has made 75 investments in companies such as: Volterra, Pili, Sim&Cure, Carnet de Mode, FretLink, Shipup, Realytics, Mirakl, Geoblink, Heuritech, ZenChef, Vodkaster/Riplay, Stanley Robotics, Cryptosense, OpenIO, Acorus Networks, ePawn, i-Virtual, Hummink, Tinyclues, Armis, Gleamer, Fab'entech, vChain,, SIGFOX, Ornikar, PocketStudio, Shift Technology, Moment, AGNITiO, Holded, The Hotels Network, inHEART, Teads US, Newsbridge, PricingHUB, Digital-Healthcare, ForePaaS, Goojet, KMTX, GOOM, Quortex, Honing Biosciences, NTRglobal, Ykone, Allmyapps,, Edoki Academy, Wyplay, Aqemia, Sensorly, Spectral Augmented Industries, Hyperlex, Sancare, Pandacraft, Cosmian, Qantev, Adomik, SeqOne, Marfeel, Alice & Bob, Vodkaster, SAS, Total Immersion, Mobi Rider, Cook Angels,, UWINLOC, EasyRecrue, Climpact-Metnext, Transaction Connect, Selectionnist, Traefik Labs, iBanFirst, Cien.

Location of Am�Elie Juge is Paris, France.

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Am�Elie Juge is a Analyst and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Am�Elie Juge focuses investing in industries such as: Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Security, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning, Medical Device, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Consumer, E-Learning, Education, Video, Commercial, Industrial, Renewable Energy, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financial Services, Information Technology, Internet, Analytics, Enterprise Software, Health Insurance, Insurance, InsurTech.

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