Carlo Incerti

Carlo Incerti has made 67 investments in companies such as: Santaris Pharma, AM Pharma, Pathway Medical Technologies, Impella Cardiosystems, Borean Pharma, Roche Glycart, NovoGI, Oxyrane UK, OMEICOS Therapeutics, Inflazome, Amakem, Pulmologix, Ardana Bioscience, CoviCept Therapeutics, Rigontec, FlowMedica, Oxular, NeRRe Therapeutics, Hookipa Pharma, NorthSea Therapeutics, SANIFIT, PneumRx, Gotham Therapeutics, Catalym, Insmed, Mitralign, Prilenia, KaNDy Therapeutics, Ario Pharma, Cardoz, CircuLite, BioVex, Cytheris, Bluebird Bio, Pieris AG, UniQure, CellNovo, Akarna Therapeutics, Escalier Biosciences, Azafaros, Enterprise Therapeutics, Bioceros, Replimune Group, Exosome Diagnostics, Acorda Therapeutics, Dyne Therapeutics, gIcare Pharma, Amphista Therapeutics, Milestone Pharmaceuticals, Dezima Pharma, Fovea Pharmaceuticals, Inversago Pharma, Gyroscope Therapeutics, New Amsterdam Pharma, Autonomic Technologies, Xention, Achilles Therapeutics, arGEN-X, Curetis, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Allecra Therapeutics, PanGenetics, Promedior, Transave, Argos Therapeutics, enGene, Prexton Therapeutics.

Location of Carlo Incerti is Naarden, The Netherlands.

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Carlo Incerti is a Operating Partner and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Carlo Incerti focuses investing in industries such as: Biopharma, Biotechnology, Health Diagnostics, Life Science, Medical, Therapeutics, Genetics, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Wellness.

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Past investments

  • Santaris Pharma
  • AM Pharma
  • Pathway Medical Technologies
  • Impella Cardiosystems
  • Borean Pharma
  • Roche Glycart
  • NovoGI
  • Oxyrane UK
  • OMEICOS Therapeutics
  • Inflazome
  • Amakem
  • Pulmologix
  • Ardana Bioscience
  • CoviCept Therapeutics
  • Rigontec
  • FlowMedica
  • Oxular
  • NeRRe Therapeutics
  • Hookipa Pharma
  • NorthSea Therapeutics
  • PneumRx
  • Gotham Therapeutics
  • Catalym
  • Insmed
  • Mitralign
  • Prilenia
  • KaNDy Therapeutics
  • Ario Pharma
  • Cardoz
  • CircuLite
  • BioVex
  • Cytheris
  • Bluebird Bio
  • Pieris AG
  • UniQure
  • CellNovo
  • Akarna Therapeutics
  • Escalier Biosciences
  • Azafaros
  • Enterprise Therapeutics
  • Bioceros
  • Replimune Group
  • Exosome Diagnostics
  • Acorda Therapeutics
  • Dyne Therapeutics
  • gIcare Pharma
  • Amphista Therapeutics
  • Milestone Pharmaceuticals
  • Dezima Pharma
  • Fovea Pharmaceuticals
  • Inversago Pharma
  • Gyroscope Therapeutics
  • New Amsterdam Pharma
  • Autonomic Technologies
  • Xention
  • Achilles Therapeutics
  • arGEN-X
  • Curetis
  • ACADIA Pharmaceuticals
  • Allecra Therapeutics
  • PanGenetics
  • Promedior
  • Transave
  • Argos Therapeutics
  • enGene
  • Prexton Therapeutics

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