Claus Hackmann

Claus Hackmann has made 45 investments in companies such as: FRX Polymers, Heliatek, Essentium, BigRep, Sciona, Arcadia Biosciences, Solidia Technologies, Zapata Computing, NBD Nanotechnologies, Cavis microcaps, Advanced BioNutrition, H2scan, Plastic Logic Germany, Renmatix, Allylix, ESS, P2 Science, InDeco China, QD Vision, Lactips, Group14 Technologies, baseclick, Aspen Aerogels, Quantiam Technologies, SmartKem, Applied Nano Surfaces,, NanoH2O, Equinom, RPO, ChemConnect, Hummingbird Technologies, MicroEmissive Displays Group, NanoMas Technologies, Luca Technologies, DataLase, Innova Dynamics, RE'FLEKT, Provivi, SDC Materials,Inc., Pulisheng Electromechanical Technology (Plyson), ecoRobotix, Ultracell, Catalytic Solutions, SLIPS Technologies.

Location of Claus Hackmann is Germany.

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Claus Hackmann is a Investment Manager and he his investment types are: Corporate Venture Capital.
Claus Hackmann focuses investing in industries such as: Biotechnology, Computer, Quantum Computing, Software, Hispanic / Latinx Founded, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Visualization, Information Services, Information Technology, Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Mining, Internet, Clean Energy, Genetics, Organic Food, Chemical, Renewable Energy, Electronics, Energy, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Women Founded, SaaS, Agriculture, Battery, Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology.

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Past investments

  • FRX Polymers
  • Heliatek
  • Essentium
  • BigRep
  • Sciona
  • Arcadia Biosciences
  • Solidia Technologies
  • Zapata Computing
  • NBD Nanotechnologies
  • Cavis microcaps
  • Advanced BioNutrition
  • H2scan
  • Plastic Logic Germany
  • Renmatix
  • Allylix
  • ESS
  • P2 Science
  • InDeco China
  • QD Vision
  • Lactips
  • Group14 Technologies
  • baseclick
  • Aspen Aerogels
  • Quantiam Technologies
  • SmartKem
  • Applied Nano Surfaces
  • NanoH2O
  • Equinom
  • RPO
  • ChemConnect
  • Hummingbird Technologies
  • MicroEmissive Displays Group
  • NanoMas Technologies
  • Luca Technologies
  • DataLase
  • Innova Dynamics
  • Provivi
  • SDC Materials,Inc.
  • Pulisheng Electromechanical Technology (Plyson)
  • ecoRobotix
  • Ultracell
  • Catalytic Solutions
  • SLIPS Technologies

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