Ed Hurwitz

Ed Hurwitz has made 60 investments in companies such as: CoStim Pharmaceuticals, InformedDNA, Mitobridge, Verastem Oncology, CODA Biotherapeutics, Tetherex Pharmaceuticals, Motus Therapeutics, Astute Medical, Clinical Ink, iPierian, Cullinan Oncology, TriVascular, Frontier Medicines, Aktis Oncology, Entrada Therapeutics, Atopix Therapeutics, Trishula Therapeutics, Aratana Therapeutics, Harpoon Therapeutics, Umoja Biopharma, Radius Health, Oncorus, Proteon Therapeutics, Rhythm Metabolic, ElevateBio, Valeritas, Werewolf Therapeutics, Repare Therapeutics, Semma Therapeutics, Nevro, Kalidex Pharmaceuticals, Chiasma, 23andMe, Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Iconic Therapeutics, Dyne Therapeutics, Blade Therapeutics, Theraclone Sciences, Vascular Pharmaceuticals, Celladon, Raze Therapeutics, Conatus Pharmaceuticals, Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics, Amphivena Therapeutics, True North Therapeutics, SiO2 Medical Products, Cerecor, TCR2, arGEN-X, Triplet Therapeutics, NeoVista, Tizona Therapeutics, Sideris Pharmaceuticals, ReCode Therapeutics, BioIntervene, Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, ITeos Therapeutics, Orna Therapeutics, IOmx Therapeutics, Syndax Pharmaceuticals.

Location of Ed Hurwitz is Brisbane, United States.

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Ed Hurwitz is a Managing Director and he his investment types are: Private Equity Firm, Venture Capital.
Ed Hurwitz focuses investing in industries such as: Biotechnology, Emergency Medicine, Genetics, Health Care, Medical, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Therapeutics, Biopharma, Medical Device, Developer Platform, Information Technology.

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Past investments

  • CoStim Pharmaceuticals
  • InformedDNA
  • Mitobridge
  • Verastem Oncology
  • CODA Biotherapeutics
  • Tetherex Pharmaceuticals
  • Motus Therapeutics
  • Astute Medical
  • Clinical Ink
  • iPierian
  • Cullinan Oncology
  • TriVascular
  • Frontier Medicines
  • Aktis Oncology
  • Entrada Therapeutics
  • Atopix Therapeutics
  • Trishula Therapeutics
  • Aratana Therapeutics
  • Harpoon Therapeutics
  • Umoja Biopharma
  • Radius Health
  • Oncorus
  • Proteon Therapeutics
  • Rhythm Metabolic
  • ElevateBio
  • Valeritas
  • Werewolf Therapeutics
  • Repare Therapeutics
  • Semma Therapeutics
  • Nevro
  • Kalidex Pharmaceuticals
  • Chiasma
  • 23andMe
  • Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  • Iconic Therapeutics
  • Dyne Therapeutics
  • Blade Therapeutics
  • Theraclone Sciences
  • Vascular Pharmaceuticals
  • Celladon
  • Raze Therapeutics
  • Conatus Pharmaceuticals
  • Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics
  • Amphivena Therapeutics
  • True North Therapeutics
  • SiO2 Medical Products
  • Cerecor
  • TCR2
  • arGEN-X
  • Triplet Therapeutics
  • NeoVista
  • Tizona Therapeutics
  • Sideris Pharmaceuticals
  • ReCode Therapeutics
  • BioIntervene
  • Rhythm Pharmaceuticals
  • ITeos Therapeutics
  • Orna Therapeutics
  • IOmx Therapeutics
  • Syndax Pharmaceuticals

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