Gerrit Jurilj

Gerrit Jurilj has made 76 investments in companies such as: Arktis Radiation Detectors, Demecan, Ava,, Target Video, Kivu Technologies GmbH, RenovoRx, IDAGIO, Seven Senders, LiveEO, Joblift, Comtravo,, Ledgy, Vamstar, ToolSense, Healx, Vantis, SamanTree Medical, COMPEON, Ninox, Sensolus, Beekeeper, Comatch, Tiko, Foodspring, LynxCare, heartbeat medical, Goodminton AG, Semalytix, ottonova, DyeMansion, Advanon, UroMems, Triplemint, Stamp, Synfioo GmbH, Sternum, Urban Sports Club, Campanda, Exosome Diagnostics, Foodcircle, Picker, Chattermill, Quanta, Skribble, Cybus, yamo, Headmade Materials, Getsafe, Blacklane, gitti, OrCam Technologies, Decentriq, Kiroku, DeepCode, HQS Quantum Simulations, Threedy, LatticeFlow, DouxMatok, Sharpist, Volocopter, GNA Biosolutions, finway, Retinai, Araris Biotech, Layer, Flytrex, Visplore, Raisin, Zeitgold, Regulus Cyber, i2x, Innatera Nanosystems, DeepL, Mymoria GmbH.

Location of Gerrit Jurilj is Berlin, Germany.

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Gerrit Jurilj is a Principal and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Gerrit Jurilj focuses investing in industries such as: Banking, Consulting, Financial Services, Delivery Service, E-Commerce, Logistics, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Cannabis, Health Care, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Hospitality, Professional Services, Tourism, Transportation, Travel, FinTech.

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