Joachim Rothe

Joachim Rothe has made 67 investments in companies such as: FoRx Therapeutics, Cybin, Cardiac Dimensions, AM Pharma, Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation, Syntaxin, Asoyia, eTheRNA immunotherapies, Vico Therapeutics, DNA Script, Hyperion Therapeutics, VarmX, Hybrigenics, Atlantic Therapeutics, Sequana Medical, Xeltis, Pronota, ImCheck Therapeutics, Prosensa, Orphazyme, Heart Metabolics, ViCentra, Nexstim, XyloCor Therapeutics, Mendor, BMEYE, OneProjects, Cardior Pharmaceuticals, Seahorse Bioscience, Nkarta Therapeutics, Simplify Medical, Luxendo, Binx Health, Affimed, Pasteuria Bioscience, Artios Pharma, Cellerix, GTX medical, IlluminOss Medical, Endotronix, Kreatech Diagnostics, Nouscom, Celladon, Mint Solutions, Neuravi, Rainier Therapeutics, Rotation Medical, Alizé Pharma, Vivasure Medical, Immunic, Kuros Biosciences, Merus, Promethera Biosciences, Neurent Medical, Kiadis Pharma, SNIPR Biome, Harvest Automation, arGEN-X, Curetis, Vivoryon Therapeutics, ActoGeniX, Pharvaris, Cobalt Technologies, Trinity Biosystems, OxThera, Arvelle Therapeutics, Vivendy Therapeutics.

Location of Joachim Rothe is Munich, Germany.

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Joachim Rothe is a Managing Partner and he his investment types are: Private Equity Firm.
Joachim Rothe focuses investing in industries such as: Biotechnology, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical Device, Mobile, Therapeutics, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Life Science, Manufacturing.

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Past investments

  • FoRx Therapeutics
  • Cybin
  • Cardiac Dimensions
  • AM Pharma
  • Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation
  • Syntaxin
  • Asoyia
  • eTheRNA immunotherapies
  • Vico Therapeutics
  • DNA Script
  • Hyperion Therapeutics
  • VarmX
  • Hybrigenics
  • Atlantic Therapeutics
  • Sequana Medical
  • Xeltis
  • Pronota
  • ImCheck Therapeutics
  • Prosensa
  • Orphazyme
  • Heart Metabolics
  • ViCentra
  • Nexstim
  • XyloCor Therapeutics
  • Mendor
  • OneProjects
  • Cardior Pharmaceuticals
  • Seahorse Bioscience
  • Nkarta Therapeutics
  • Simplify Medical
  • Luxendo
  • Binx Health
  • Affimed
  • Pasteuria Bioscience
  • Artios Pharma
  • Cellerix
  • GTX medical
  • IlluminOss Medical
  • Endotronix
  • Kreatech Diagnostics
  • Nouscom
  • Celladon
  • Mint Solutions
  • Neuravi
  • Rainier Therapeutics
  • Rotation Medical
  • Alizé Pharma
  • Vivasure Medical
  • Immunic
  • Kuros Biosciences
  • Merus
  • Promethera Biosciences
  • Neurent Medical
  • Kiadis Pharma
  • SNIPR Biome
  • Harvest Automation
  • arGEN-X
  • Curetis
  • Vivoryon Therapeutics
  • ActoGeniX
  • Pharvaris
  • Cobalt Technologies
  • Trinity Biosystems
  • OxThera
  • Arvelle Therapeutics
  • Vivendy Therapeutics

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