Marina Pell�En Consunji

Marina Pell�En-Consunji has made 66 investments in companies such as: Blackstone Technology Group, Detector Technology, Dynex Technologies, New England Peptide, LightPointe, Adaptas Solutions, MedPharm, CoreLab Partners, CRI Lifetree, N2 Biomedical LLC, Agilux Laboratories, Silicon Wave, ALPCO Diagnostics, ProGene Biomedical, Cequent Pharmaceuticals, ACLARA BioSciences, TriPath Imaging, FirstRain, Proficiency, Vibalogics, Brammer Bio, Corpus Medical, GeneWerk, Bioventus, Magritek Ltd, Chantest, LakePharma, Magellan Diagnostics, Innovative Food Processors, Signature Genomic Laboratories, Endeca, Viracor-IBT Laboratories, Panacos Pharmaceuticals, vivitide, Confluent Medical Technologies, Viadux, Talecris Biotherapeutics, RadPharm, Canopy Biosciences, Nitinol Devices & Components, Azurity Pharmaceuticals, Sanova Dermatology, Ensemble Communications, BioClinica, MedVenture Technology, Ortho Organizers, Nexelis, Interpace Diagnostics, Assay Designs, NutraMed, Roadrunner Pharmacy, Avista Pharma, Blue Sky Biotech, Alcami, Medifacts International, Elite One Source Nutritional Services, Genome Diagnostics (GenDx), GENEWIZ, Arranta Bio, Stereotaxis, Bako Diagnostics, ETE Medical Inc, StageBio, Cyclis Pharmaceuticals, Nexcelom Bioscience, Genoptix.

Location of Marina Pell�En-Consunji is Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Marina Pell�En-Consunji is a Principal and he his investment types are: Private Equity Firm.
Marina Pell�En-Consunji focuses investing in industries such as: Information Technology, Software, Telecommunications, Biotechnology, Health Care, Manufacturing, Medical, Genetics, Pharmaceutical, Therapeutics, Women Founded, Life Science, Medical Device, Biopharma.

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Past investments

  • Blackstone Technology Group
  • Detector Technology
  • Dynex Technologies
  • New England Peptide
  • LightPointe
  • Adaptas Solutions
  • MedPharm
  • CoreLab Partners
  • CRI Lifetree
  • N2 Biomedical LLC
  • Agilux Laboratories
  • Silicon Wave
  • ALPCO Diagnostics
  • ProGene Biomedical
  • Cequent Pharmaceuticals
  • ACLARA BioSciences
  • TriPath Imaging
  • FirstRain
  • Proficiency
  • Vibalogics
  • Brammer Bio
  • Corpus Medical
  • GeneWerk
  • Bioventus
  • Magritek Ltd
  • Chantest
  • LakePharma
  • Magellan Diagnostics
  • Innovative Food Processors
  • Signature Genomic Laboratories
  • Endeca
  • Viracor-IBT Laboratories
  • Panacos Pharmaceuticals
  • vivitide
  • Confluent Medical Technologies
  • Viadux
  • Talecris Biotherapeutics
  • RadPharm
  • Canopy Biosciences
  • Nitinol Devices & Components
  • Azurity Pharmaceuticals
  • Sanova Dermatology
  • Ensemble Communications
  • BioClinica
  • MedVenture Technology
  • Ortho Organizers
  • Nexelis
  • Interpace Diagnostics
  • Assay Designs
  • NutraMed
  • Roadrunner Pharmacy
  • Avista Pharma
  • Blue Sky Biotech
  • Alcami
  • Medifacts International
  • Elite One Source Nutritional Services
  • Genome Diagnostics (GenDx)
  • Arranta Bio
  • Stereotaxis
  • Bako Diagnostics
  • ETE Medical Inc
  • StageBio
  • Cyclis Pharmaceuticals
  • Nexcelom Bioscience
  • Genoptix

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