Peter Schaberger

Peter Schaberger has made 54 investments in companies such as: Buildout,, Work Health Group, Sentinel Performance Solutions, MK Chimney Systems, Bike24, Kasasa, Destiny Solutions, CogniTest Corporation, North American Dental Group, Performance Systems Integration (PSI), The Marena Group, Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services, Connexient, Compana, Transporeon, UniFocus, Sage Holdings, Spirion, Xcentric Mold & Engineering, Coskata, Censis Technologies, Swedish Education Group, n2y, INVIVO Communications Inc., Energy Exemplar, Naturally Slim, Toolport, Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Area Wide Protective, Parker Products, Grace Hill, G&A Partners, Tate’s Bake Shop, HRA Pharma, The Dermatology Group, Medical Payment Exchange, Lakeview Health Corporate Office, Logically, TruNet, Soothe, Shaker International, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), ComForCare, Independent Living Specialists, Bentley Laboratories, IDOC, Grupo Ferrer Internacional, L-Com Global Connectivity, Guestline, Alter Pharma, Evint, GermanPersonnel, LILLEbaby.

Location of Peter Schaberger is Munich, Germany.

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Peter Schaberger is a Partner and he his investment types are: Private Equity Firm.
Peter Schaberger focuses investing in industries such as: Communications Infrastructure, Information Services, Information Technology, Landscaping, Commercial, Consulting, Resorts, Restaurants, Software, Training, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Organic Food, Electronics, Product Design, Wearables, Apps, CRM, Gamification, Health Care, mHealth, Human Resources, SaaS, Commercial Real Estate, Enterprise Software, Marketing Automation.

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Past investments

  • Buildout
  • Work Health Group
  • Sentinel Performance Solutions
  • MK Chimney Systems
  • Bike24
  • Kasasa
  • Destiny Solutions
  • CogniTest Corporation
  • North American Dental Group
  • Performance Systems Integration (PSI)
  • The Marena Group
  • Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services
  • Connexient
  • Compana
  • Transporeon
  • UniFocus
  • Sage Holdings
  • Spirion
  • Xcentric Mold & Engineering
  • Coskata
  • Censis Technologies
  • Swedish Education Group
  • n2y
  • INVIVO Communications Inc.
  • Energy Exemplar
  • Naturally Slim
  • Toolport
  • Alcohol Monitoring Systems
  • Area Wide Protective
  • Parker Products
  • Grace Hill
  • G&A Partners
  • Tate’s Bake Shop
  • HRA Pharma
  • The Dermatology Group
  • Medical Payment Exchange
  • Lakeview Health Corporate Office
  • Logically
  • TruNet
  • Soothe
  • Shaker International
  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim)
  • ComForCare
  • Independent Living Specialists
  • Bentley Laboratories
  • IDOC
  • Grupo Ferrer Internacional
  • L-Com Global Connectivity
  • Guestline
  • Alter Pharma
  • Evint
  • GermanPersonnel
  • LILLEbaby

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