Rub�En Gonz�Elez Amoedo

Rub�En Gonz�Elez Amoedo has made 86 investments in companies such as: MedUX, SamyRoad, Mobincube, Cuantum Medical Cosmetics, Ritmo, Bit2Me, DEXMA By Spacewell, Edesa Biotech, SummuS Render, Leukos Biotech, A Crowd of Monsters, Parlem, Respiro, AmacaThera, Kronomav Sistemas, SelfPackaging, Ojer Pharma, Carethy, MyTwinPlace, AB-BIOTICS, Habyt, Galgo Medical, Conzoom, Zinklar, BDi Biotechnology Group, Datumize, HETIKUS, ITM Platform, buguroo, Tviso, Ironchip, MOCA Platform, Clerhp, InnoUp Farma, Clarive Software, HundredRooms, OFFSHORETECH, Beezy, Gamelearn, Oncostellae, Qbeast Analytics, SmartyContent, Hutoma, PlayGiga, Viniexport, GIGAS, Agile Content, Sweetspot, AVX Pharma, Nanusens, InnoQuant, Viuing, Karpe Deal, Bitext, Whally, ProntoPiso, Izertis, IOMED, Odilo, Foxtenn, Reva Health Europe, Photoslurp, Spiral Therapeutics, Schaman, Zera Intein Protein Solutions, VOLAVA, Cebiotex, Parclick, Connecta Therapeutics, Open Camp,, VIVEbiotech, AptaTargets, Dietox, Agrasys, ANYVERSE, Talent Clue, Cleverea, Ability Pharmaceuticals, VLPbio, Boxmotions, Bequant, Bilua, Mediasmart, Top Doctors, Next Limit Technologies.

Location of Rub�En Gonz�Elez Amoedo is Barcelona, Spain.

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Rub�En Gonz�Elez Amoedo is a Investment Associate and he his investment types are: Micro VC.
Rub�En Gonz�Elez Amoedo focuses investing in industries such as: Aerospace, Machinery Manufacturing, Space Travel, Software, Financial Services, Big Data, Information Technology, Service Industry, Telecommunications, Visual Search, Biopharma, Biotechnology, Therapeutics, Communities, Coworking, Health Care, Lifestyle, Property Management, Real Estate, Smart Building, Content, Fitness, Consulting, Infrastructure.

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Past investments

  • MedUX
  • SamyRoad
  • Mobincube
  • Cuantum Medical Cosmetics
  • Ritmo
  • Bit2Me
  • DEXMA By Spacewell
  • Edesa Biotech
  • SummuS Render
  • Leukos Biotech
  • A Crowd of Monsters
  • Parlem
  • Respiro
  • AmacaThera
  • Kronomav Sistemas
  • SelfPackaging
  • Ojer Pharma
  • Carethy
  • MyTwinPlace
  • Habyt
  • Galgo Medical
  • Conzoom
  • Zinklar
  • BDi Biotechnology Group
  • Datumize
  • ITM Platform
  • buguroo
  • Tviso
  • Ironchip
  • MOCA Platform
  • Clerhp
  • InnoUp Farma
  • Clarive Software
  • HundredRooms
  • Beezy
  • Gamelearn
  • Oncostellae
  • Qbeast Analytics
  • SmartyContent
  • Hutoma
  • PlayGiga
  • Viniexport
  • Agile Content
  • Sweetspot
  • AVX Pharma
  • Nanusens
  • InnoQuant
  • Viuing
  • Karpe Deal
  • Bitext
  • Whally
  • ProntoPiso
  • Izertis
  • Odilo
  • Foxtenn
  • Reva Health Europe
  • Photoslurp
  • Spiral Therapeutics
  • Schaman
  • Zera Intein Protein Solutions
  • Cebiotex
  • Parclick
  • Connecta Therapeutics
  • Open Camp
  • VIVEbiotech
  • AptaTargets
  • Dietox
  • Agrasys
  • Talent Clue
  • Cleverea
  • Ability Pharmaceuticals
  • VLPbio
  • Boxmotions
  • Bequant
  • Bilua
  • Mediasmart
  • Top Doctors
  • Next Limit Technologies

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