Will Schaffer

Will Schaffer has made 36 investments in companies such as: Wallet.Services, Aston EyeTech Ltd, CyberOwl, Medherant, Oxford Genetics, Warwick Acoustics Ltd, Circadian Solar Ltd., Impression Technologies, W2 Global Data, Clear Review, Concepta PLC, Eyoto, Universal Coatings UK, Avid Games, Libertine FPE, Locate Bio, Blackstar Amplification, Slingshot Simulations, Psioxus Therapeutics, Comparesoft, Smart Antenna Technologies, Edge Case Games, IN-PART, Concepta Diagnostics, nDreams, Snappy Shopper, Vision CCTV, Faradion, Living Map Company, VerdEnergy, Science Warehouse, Soccer Manager, Intechnica, Voxpopme, EventsTag, LM Technologies.

Location of Will Schaffer is Leeds, United Kingdom.

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Will Schaffer is a Investment Manager and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Will Schaffer focuses investing in industries such as: Android, Apps, Developer Tools, Gaming, iOS, Online Games, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Device, Software, Local, Search Engine, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Biotechnology, E-Commerce, Grocery, Retail, Shopping, Geospatial, Internet of Things, Mapping Services, Simulation, Human Resources, Analytics, Computer, Cyber Security, Network Security.

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Past investments

  • Wallet.Services
  • Aston EyeTech Ltd
  • CyberOwl
  • Medherant
  • Oxford Genetics
  • Warwick Acoustics Ltd
  • Circadian Solar Ltd.
  • Impression Technologies
  • W2 Global Data
  • Clear Review
  • Concepta PLC
  • Eyoto
  • Universal Coatings UK
  • Avid Games
  • Libertine FPE
  • Locate Bio
  • Blackstar Amplification
  • Slingshot Simulations
  • Psioxus Therapeutics
  • Comparesoft
  • Smart Antenna Technologies
  • Edge Case Games
  • Concepta Diagnostics
  • nDreams
  • Snappy Shopper
  • Vision CCTV
  • Faradion
  • Living Map Company
  • VerdEnergy
  • Science Warehouse
  • Soccer Manager
  • Intechnica
  • Voxpopme
  • EventsTag
  • LM Technologies

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