Top 10 Angel Investors In Phoenix

Last updated: 13 July, 2023

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. From its ancient Native American roots to its modern-day prominence, Phoenix has emerged as a hub for innovation and startup culture.

As per the Startup Genome report of 2018, Phoenix has generated a revenue of $49M on an annual basis from startups alone.

Similarly, since the city is a hub of startups, it is also home to a formidable roster of visionaries. These individuals possess a keen eye for promising ventures and a passion for supporting local talent, often referred to as Angel Investors.

So, let's wait no further and quickly introduce you to the top 10 angel investors in Phoenix.

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    Top 10 Angel Investors In Phoenix

    1. Arizona Tech Investors:

    Arizona Tech Investors (ATI) is a mid-level angel investor group in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2007, ATI focuses on investing in high-quality startups at the seed stage.

    With a specific emphasis on Information Technology and Life Science startups in Arizona, ATI plays a crucial role in fueling innovation and driving entrepreneurial growth in the region. The investment range of ATI typically falls between $250,000 to $1 million, making them an attractive option for startups seeking early-stage funding.

    Some noteworthy startups in ATI's dedicated portfolio include:

    1. Aural Analytics: a company revolutionizing voice-based healthcare analytics

    2. Virtuous: a nonprofit fundraising software provider.

    2. Arizona Founded Fund

    Arizona Founded Fund is one of the oldest angel investors group supporting startups through their funds and mentorship programs since 1912. With over a century of experience in nurturing entrepreneurial ventures, Arizona Founded Fund has played a significant role in the growth of the local startup ecosystem.

    The group specifically focuses on funding technology firms to bridge the financial gap and help build the city's future. With an investment range from $50,000 to $40 million, Arizona Founded Fund remains dedicated to supporting software solution ventures in Phoenix.

    Some notable startups that have received funding from Arizona Founded Fund include:

    1. Shelvspace: a sales automation and analytics platform

    2. Bayiq: a customer loyalty and marketing automation software provider

    3. Allbound: a partner relationship management platform

    4. PostBid Ship: a shipping and logistics technology company.

    3. Canyon Angels Group:

    Canyon Angels is a prominent angel investor group with a remarkable track record of kick-starting numerous startups through its funding and mentorship programs.

    Founded in 2015, the organization has rapidly grown to become a key player in the local startup ecosystem. With a strong membership base of over 70 active investors, Canyon Angels has invested over $4 million in more than 40 startups to date.

    The network's diverse portfolio spans various industries, encompassing many startups. Some companies in Canyon Angels' portfolio include:

    1. Naya Energy: a clean energy solutions provider

    2. Embody: a revolutionary fitness technology company

    3. Coat: an innovative e-commerce platform.

    4. Seed Spot Network:

    Seed Spot is an angel investor network that operates in collaboration with Canyon Angels Group.

    Seed Spot's mission is to train and empower investors to boost capital and finance promising investments for future growth. Over the past three years, Seed Spot has made significant contributions to the local startup ecosystem.

    The organization has trained 180 angels and funded 18 startups, providing a total investment of $4 million. Moreover, Seed Spot has supported a remarkable 884 entrepreneurs, raising a capital of $53.3 million.

    5. Arizona Angels Network:

    Founded in 1999, Arizona Angels is a well-established angel investor network in Phoenix. The organization aims to support startups financially by providing funding in the range of $500,000 to $1.5 million.

    Looking at their history, Arizona Angels has invested a total of $3.5 million in over a hundred startups, making them a valuable resource for early-stage companies in the region.

    The network's diverse portfolio spans various sectors, including therapeutics, advanTiv, and TouchScape. Arizona Angels Network actively contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and plays a vital role in driving innovation and economic growth.

    6. PHX East Valley Angel Investors:

    PHX East Valley Angel Investors believes in the power of partnership to catalyze economic growth and enhance access to early-stage funding for tech startups. Founded in the early 1980s, this angel investor group supports entrepreneurs based in the Phoenix East Valley region.

    PHX Network provides capital, mentorship, and valuable connections to the startups that need it. However, entrepreneurs need to participate in the events to increase their chances of PHX East Valley Angel Investors giving them valuable funds for investment.

    7. Mckellar and Co Angel Investor Network:

    Mckellar and Co Angel Investor Network is a strong proponent of training and hiring angels.

    The investor group supports startups in various sectors, including biotech, consumer products, alternative energy, medical, manufacturing, and financing services.

    With a substantial investment of up to $100 million, Mckellar and Co Angel Investor has been instrumental in helping businesses grow. They provide critical resources and guidance to startups through their funds and mentorship programs.

    8. Arriss Ventures Investors:

    Arriss Ventures is an angel capital group that has been changing the lives of entrepreneurs for decades. With a focus on assisting startups at the post-incubator stage, Arriss Ventures invests in augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, IoT, and big data ventures.

    The angel investor group has invested substantially in several incubator-stage ventures in the technology and big data sectors. Arriss Ventures encourages startups to continue their growth trajectory by offering both financial and professional support.

    9. Desert Angels Investment Group:

    Desert Angels Investment Group holds a prestigious position among angel investors in Arizona. Founded in 2000 by a small group of investors based in Tucson, Desert Angels has emerged as a significant force in the Phoenix startup ecosystem.

    The group has invested $60 million in over 132 startups, demonstrating its commitment to supporting early-stage companies. Desert Angels has gained recognition as a top-ranked angel investor in Arizona, attracting local and national startups seeking funding.

    With a dedicated team of more than 105 experienced investors, the network brings industry knowledge and connections. As for their interests, Desert Angels' strongly focuses on medical software-based startups and boasts the growth of healthcare solutions in the region.

    Some notable startups in their portfolio include:

    1. AQ BioMed: a medical technology company focused on advanced diagnostics.

    2. Beacon Biomedical: a developer of cancer screening tests.

    3. Beem Biologics: a leader in bee health and pollination services.

    10. Lobodos Ventures:

    Lobodos Ventures, founded by Wolf, is a new but promising angel investor.

    This Phoenix-based investor offers financial aid to early-stage ventures, enabling them to grow successfully. Lobodos Ventures aims to fill the financial gap and contribute to the future growth of Phoenix. With a focus on supporting tech ventures, the firm has established diverse connections throughout the USA, offering startups valuable resources and opportunities for collaboration and growth.

    Final Words

    Now that we're done with the top 10 Angel Investors in Phoenix let's discuss some tips to help entrepreneurs attract these investors.

    Building relationships, demonstrating market potential, and showcasing a solid team are key factors in attracting angel investment.

    Moreover, entrepreneurs should emphasize the return on investment and highlight any competitive advantages or unique selling points that set their business apart.

    Providing evidence of market validation, such as customer traction or partnerships, can significantly increase credibility in the eyes of angel investors.

    With Phoenix's thriving startup ecosystem, the future looks promising for innovative ventures seeking to make their mark.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are Phoenix angel investors interested in tech startups?

    A: While some angel investors in Phoenix focus primarily on technology startups, others have a broader investment scope that includes sectors like life sciences, consumer products, biotech, and alternative energy.

    Startups from various industries can find angel investors in Phoenix who align with their business model and vision.

    Q: How can startups in Phoenix get in touch with these angel investors?

    A: Startups can connect with angel investors in Phoenix through various channels. Attending networking events, startup pitch competitions and joining local entrepreneur communities can provide opportunities to meet and engage with angel investors.

    Q: What criteria do angel investors in Phoenix consider when evaluating startups?

    A: Angel investors in Phoenix consider many factors while evaluating startups. These can include the strength of the business model, market size, competitive advantage, scalability, revenue projections, and team expertise.

    Usually, startups with a clear value proposition, a well-defined target market, and a solid growth strategy have higher chances of attracting angel investment.

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