Top Angel Investors in Minneapolis

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Aside from stunning blue lakes and exciting art galleries, Minneapolis is also known for its thriving startup scene. The city has generated billions of dollars from its startups, ranking as the 2nd city in the Midwest for most income generated by startups.

And since we’re discussing startups, let’s not forget the driving force behind these startups: the angel investors. These investors have always invested their time and money into hundreds of startups, making Minneapolis a successful city like it is today.

However, for many entrepreneurs, connecting with these angel investors and finding investors with identical investing interests remains a huge problem.

So, let’s wait no longer and start discussing the top 7 angel investors of Minneapolis and some tips about connecting with them.

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    Top 7 Angel Investors of Minneapolis

    Following is the list of some of the top angel investors in Minneapolis. 

    However, before we move on to the list, always remember to double-check the information about specific investors before contacting them. Not only will this help you increase your chances of getting funding, but it will also make you confident during the screening tests.

    Norwest Equity Partners

    Found in 1969, Norwest Equity Partners is one of Minneapolis's biggest Venture Capital Firms. As for the investment interests, the firm invests in a wide range of startups since they have 174 investors. These investors carefully evaluate different startups based on their growth potential.

    Moreover, the fund also helps startups by organaizing different networking events. The accelerator programs arranged by Norwest Equity Partners have helped many startups find an identical investor and secure their funding.

    Currently, Norwest Equity Partners has an active portfolio of 200 companies. They organize different workshops and classes in order to provide the best guidance to their portfolio companies.

    The investment range of Norwest Equity Partners can go up to $15M, depending on the startup’s potential.

    Website: Norwest Equity Partners - Builders of Industry LeadersNorwest Equity Partners (

    John Cosgriff

    As the vice president at UnitedHealth Group, John Cosgriff is one of the recent individual angel investors of Minneapolis. Since he has worked as a Senior Vice President, Cosgriff is very careful when funding startups. During the screening tests, he focuses on business strategy, yearly targets, and potential to survive in the markets.

    Aside from funding, John Cosgriff utilizes his leadership qualities and provides mentorship to his portfolio companies. He is actively searching for startups that have massive growth potential.

    The investment range of John Cosgriff ranges from $10,000 up to $500,000, depending on the project.

    Brown Venture Group

    Found in 2001 by the famous investor David Brown, Brown Venture Group is also one of the investing giants of Minneapolis. After investing for two decades, the Venture Capital firm has completed its 100 investments mark by investing in startups related to AI, machine learning, Biotech, consumer interest, and e-commerce. 

    Moreover, Brown Venture Group hosts many accelerator programs to help startups find investors with identical business interests. The experienced network of investors also guides their portfolio companies by conducting mentorship programs and business workshops.

    However, despite all these efforts to help and fund startups, the firm has a strict screening test system. They shortlist startups based on their growth potential and provide them with funding if their idea provides value to the market.

    The investing range of Brown Venture Group ranges from $200,000 to several million dollars.

    Website: Brown Venture Group

    Michael Berman

    As an entrepreneur known for his services in the medical sector, Micheal Berman has also joined the community of individual angel investors. 

    Throughout his life, Berman has always served different Medical companies, but his exceptional skills in marketing have allowed him to boost his brand.

    As an angel investor, Berman funds startups related to the E-Commerce, Digital World, and the medical sector. Despite being a new investor, Berman still conducts strict screening tests to ensure that only the most deserving startups make it through.

    However, since Michael Berman is a new angel investor, he isn’t very active in arranging mentorship events or accelerator programs. The investment range of Micheal Berman really depends on the type of startup being funded.

    During the screening test, he discusses the required investment for a startup and provides the funding to help startups grow.

    Rice Park Capital

    Rice Park Capital, founded in 2019, is actively investing in tech-related startups at the seed stage. As a new investment network, Rice Park Capital hunts for startups that can positively change their respective markets. As for investment interests, Rice Park Capital invests in a wide range of startups. These include Lending products and solutions for real estate investors, Digital MSR trading, AI-native knowledge sharing, MSR investing, Investment property, and real estate.

    Aside from their funding, being relatively new in the market, Rice Park Capital hasn’t hosted any special networking or mentorship events. However, they do help their portfolio companies by providing them with expert advice and workshops. 

    Moreover, the screening tests of Rice Park Capital are also relatively easier, provided that startups show significant growth potential and intent to develop as well-established brands.

    The investment range of Rice Park Capital ranges from $100,000 to $1.5M. Until now, most of their previous investments have been around $600,000.

    Website: Home - Rice Park Capital Management

    Hassan Syed

    As the CEO of Bir Ventures and a successful entrepreneur, Hassan Syed is also one of the famous individual angel investors operating in Minneapolis. Throughout his life, Syed has always been a technologist and tried to bring many ideas to life. 

    His investment interests are mainly tech-related startups that have the potential to thrive in the future. While investing individually, Syed has gained a lot of experience, which is why he also conducts several workshops to help out his portfolio companies.

    As for screening tests, Hassan Syed carefully invests in startups, understanding their market value, surviving potential and capability to generate profits. If a startup can pass these screening tests, Syed can provide an investment ranging from $25,000 to $300,000.

    Brightstone Venture Capital 

    Founded in 1985, Brightsone Venture Capital is a Venture Capital firm that funds different startups in Minneapolis. In the past 38 years, the firm has funded over 100 startups related to media, tech, healthcare, mobile applications and consumer products.

    The investors at Brightstone VC conduct strict screening tests to ensure that the most promising startups make it through. Throughout their journey, they have invested in many successful companies such as Wasabi Tech, FLYR Labs, Mosaic, VRChat, Definity Health, HomeSpotter, FlipGrid, GRAVIE, AppTec Labs, CRYOsa, Celcuity, CREXi, CADRE, VersusGame and the list continues.

    The investment range of Brightstone Venture Capital ranges from $200,000 to $3M.

    Website: Brightstone Venture Capital | (

    Wrap Up

    So, there you have the list of Top Angel Investors in Minneapolis. Before we wrap up, let us discuss some important tips about how you can pitch to angel investors.

    Pitching angel investors needs confidence and knowledge about your business. First, research specific investors so you have a decent idea about whom you’re talking to. Make a short and exciting presentation, focusing on what makes your idea special, how it can grow, and how it can make money. 

    Moreover, be clear about how much money you need and how you'll use it to make your business better. Practice a lot so you feel comfortable and can answer questions well. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Goldman Sachs?

    A: Goldman Sachs is a prominent global investment banking and financial services company. They offer a range of services, including investment management, asset management, securities, and more. Founded in 1869, it has grown into a major player in the finance industry, providing expertise in mergers and acquisitions, trading, and investment banking.

    Q: How can I get a warm introduction to angel investors?

    A: To secure a warm introduction to angel investors, start by networking within your industry or entrepreneurial community. Attend events, join startup groups, and utilize social platforms like LinkedIn. Look for mutual connections who could introduce you. Additionally, consider seeking mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs who might have connections with angel investors.

    Q: How long is a business considered a startup?

    A: Generally, a business is labeled a startup for about 5 years, but this can extend based on growth rate and development. It's a period focused on establishing the business, gaining market traction, and achieving sustainability. However, once a business achieves a stable position in the market, it may transition from a startup to a more established small or medium-sized enterprise.

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