42 ventures was founded in 2006 by Ned Stringham, an experienced business builder, internet expert and growth company investor. 42v takes a unique approach that is unlike traditional venture firms, angel investors or private equity groups. Everyone involved with 42v has started and grown their own business which means they know what it takes to win. And since the investment capital comes from Ned, his team, and a tight circle of advisors, they are true partner in building the business. For some companies that simply need capital, 42v is not a fit, but when entrepreneurs desire a partner that can help make the business grow, this model really works. 42v invests between $250,000 and $1.5 million in a typical deal. There is no time frame on exit, nor is there a fixed structure for investing. The firm maintains an evergreen fund of capital meaning that the team having enough time to support a new portfolio company is the primary constraint, not money. They like companies that already have products and customers and seek out businesses with well defined markets generally focused on a specific industry or specialized function.


Cloud Computing

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Early Stage Venture


Salt Lake City, Utah


United States

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