The only degree-granting medical facility in northeastern New York, Albany Medical College provides undergraduate and graduate medical education in an environment of innovation and success. It is on the cutting edge in its technology and research, with faculty regularly receiving recognition for their research activities. Located in Albany, New York, Albany Medical College offers academics through such departments as: * Anesthesiology * Emergency Medicine * Neurology * Pediatrics * Psychiatry * Surgery Albany Medical College has received numerous medical school awards and individual researchers also regularly get national recognition, prizes and substantial grants for their medical research. Research centers include those dedicated to: * Cardiovascular Sciences * Immunology and Microbial Disease * Neuropharmocology and Neuroscience Requirements for admission include completion of at least three years of college, with such courses as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In addition to transcripts, applicants must also submit MCAT scores, an application, and letters of recommendation. Certain financial aid sources, such as grants and Stafford loans, are awarded based strictly on financial need. Additional loans may be taken out regardless of financial need. In order to receive federal financial aid, students must not be in default on a student loan. Tuition payment plans are also available.

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Location: Albany, New York, United States