We do it through our own business acceleration program that measures the impact: Social: Through the BCorp methodology , a global movement that seeks to make companies a force for the common good, we help startups to be the best companies for the world. Environmental: In alliance with Coeplan (Coalition of Companies for the Planet) , we use circular economy and low-carbon methodologies to improve our environmental footprint. Economic: The business acceleration program of Grupo Init, manager of CIEM, offers startups support to stimulate their economic sustainability and the culture of business collaboration. Always focused on people: "Expand people to accelerate projects." And we focus intensely on three areas of activity, as they are outstanding areas of opportunity for the city of Zaragoza, and because we can accelerate its growth due to Grupo Init`s own specialization: eHealth Industry Retail Technology CIEM Zaragoza thus becomes the only incubator in Spain that accelerates startups with the aim of generating an impact on the 17 SDGs, through its own business acceleration program focused mainly on the eHealth, Industry and Retail Technology areas.


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Zaragoza, Aragon



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