Hartford Lab architects, incubates & invests in technology companies. Over the years, we`ve provided a broad array of business development services to entities ranging from pre-funded to publicly traded. ​We engage in research & development (in theoretical capacities and along frontier technologies), investigate & work on matters of public interest, found our own tech ventures, and (angel) invest in early-stage startups. We see the World as one subject; with its workings, patterns, and rules broken up by us into modules, frameworks and heuristics across different scales and for different considerations. As history has progressed, we have cumulatively worked to cultivate civilization: where (new) knowledge has been constructed into (new) technologies that manifested in (new) economy upon harvest. ​ This beautiful story reveals a most fundamental roadmap: providing the process architecture which best explains how we generate and convert our resources to value, and then bloom this value through society. We seek to do original work within each aspect of this golden sequence, and to also have fun on the journey of doing so.

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Location: New York, United States