Quake is a unique accelerator focused on making seed level investments in new and early stage ventures across a wide range of industries. Working closely with key advisers, and tapping into exclusive relationships developed over the last 30 years, our team boasts unparalleled access to the top players in finance, development, manufacturing, and distribution. Launching a startup requires hard work, long hours, good people, and a great idea... but it never hurts to have a little help. That’s where we come in. We provide entrepreneurs with the following benefits: • Seed Funding - We prefer to get involved early, investing anywhere from $50k to $250k per opportunity. Additional Capital - We work with our startups to raise any follow-on capital needed. Our network includes over 300 family offices, venture funds, and high net investors. • Expertise - Our mentor network includes over 200 industry leaders, covering a wide range of market verticals. Specialized advisors with relevant domain expertise work closely with our entrepreneurs to refine strategies and maximize growth. • Education- Entrepreneurs have access to 14 weeks of intense hands-on training. Through this process, we assist with product development, growth hacking, market development, sales, operations, monetization and capitalization. • Attention - Each of our offices takes on no more than 15 projects at any one time. This means that we are actively working with or on each of our startups every single day. • Production - Over the last several decades, we`ve developed an extensive manufacturing network of well over 100 factories, and we can source just about any product or idea. Our trusted contacts assist in all aspects of production, including design engineering, pre-production modeling, BOM analysis, tooling, line modification, testing, certification, assembly and packaging. • Partners - we have partnered with key companies and service providers to assist our startups.


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