Charlotte as the Financial Services Innovation Hub of the World. Sound crazy? They don`t think so and here`s why. It`s all about the right elements of DNA Charlotte is the second largest financial capital in the US. It has ten`s of thousands of folks serving in the financial services industry that provides an unprecedented collection of knowledge and talent anywhere outside of the top 5 cities in the world. What if you could have all the of the benefits of the knowledge, connections and companies in the Financial Services and FinTech World that a New York or a London could provide but you get it in a place that`s half the price with some of the best quality of life anywhere in the world? What if your $500k Angel round gave you twice the length of runway.? What if your $6M series A round gave you the same muscle as your competitions $15M round? The world is flat. Why pick a place where you have to run up hill?

Program Types:
Program duration in weeks: 11
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Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States