RSV Venture Partners is an early stage venture fund and a mentorship-driven startup incubator. Our Mission is to identify, vet and fund good, innovative ideas and provide all necessary resources, mentoring and hands-on assistance to entrepreneurs to help them launch successful businesses. RSV has its focus on identifying and bolstering opportunities in the Russian hi-tech sector, sourced from national scientific research, academic and entrepreneurial community.It’s well known that along with the wealth of intellectual prowess and technological experience, there is a dearth of entrepreneurial expertise in Russia. Our goal is to help fill that gap.Young startups require much more than just money to get their ideas off the ground. More than anything else young entrepreneurs are in need of advice, guidance and hands-on participation of knowledgeable and experienced mentors. This is a critical point in our program – we provide our participants with unfettered access to a network of mentors from day one of the program. Our mentors come from different backgrounds – they are successful businessmen, top technology experts, serial entrepreneurs, distinguished members of academia and professional advisors. An incubator environment can provide all necessary and expensive infrastructures needed for the company to operate. However nothing improves young startup chances for success more than a mentor capable of providing the team with guidance and advice based on the specific needs of the business. In things small, like choosing a name, to critical issues of formulating its business objectives, selecting a viable business model and prepare a business plan. And that’s not all; our mentorship program doesn’t end there. One of the most important things we do is helping our startups find investors and potential acquirers and successfully deal with them. It goes beyond making introductions, we work with our startups on honing their pitch, teaching them what to do to get investors interested in the company and how to close a deal once it’s on the table.


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