The Faktory is a private tech startup accelerator, incubator and venture capital seed fund founded by Pierre L’Hoest, the Belgian entrepreneur renowned for starting EVS Broadcast Equipment, an international TV slow motion technology valued at 422M€ in 2016. The Faktory has invested in 11 companies with a capital of over 4.5M€ under management. Our companies offer products and services to international niche markets in the areas of consumer electronics, high-technology, gaming and apps, drones, SaaS and IoT products. Our team and mentors come from all walks of life with professional experience in different countries. Furthermore, we partner with Boldstart Ventures, based in NYC, who, with over 30 years of venture tenure, oversaw the successful exits such as Divide (acquired by Google), GoInstant (acquired by Salesforce) and Rapportive (acquired by Linkedin). Based on efficient approaches like the Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas, a 360° analysis is applied to the most promising ideas. The objective is to help startups to grow by identifying and validating market niches, customer-centric development and by providing the means necessary to deploy and launch their businesses successfully.


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