We showcast tech innovators in water. We invite the entire ecosystem of technology start-ups community in water and related sectors (i.e. ag, indoor farming, blue biotech, algae, aquaculture....) More details can be found at www.watervent.com. hereby we invite to our first Watervent Special for RQMicro AG, Zurich, Switzerland, on dec 2nd, 5:00 p.m. CET rqmicro (rapid quantitative microbiology) is a tech startup focused on the rapid detection of bacteria. Their easy-to-use device reports the total amount of bacteria as well as specific bacteria (Legionella, E. coli) in water samples. The technology is based on a rapid single-cell analysis of viable cells. rqmicro’s customers, based in EU, USA and China, include water utilities and industries including power, steel, paper, F&B and pharma. Their main application is water hygiene risk management with benefits in treatment optimization, localization of outbreaks and expedited product quality control. rqmicro has a special offering for new customers and is also reaching out to potential partners in environmental services and facility management. rqmicro also accepts new investors in their Series B financing round. The round already had a partial closing and will conclude in Q1 2022. Sign up for this Watervent Special to get to know the founders and hear more about rqmicro products and applications.


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