Marlon Nichols

Marlon Nichols has made 88 investments in companies such as: Stem Disintermedia, Truebill, BESE, Manticore Games, STOKE Space Technologies, Lend Street Financial, Bridgefy, Everywhere Apparel, Blavity, Inc., SOTE, Droplet, HANDSOME APP, Good Money, FINESSE, Carta Healthcare, Vaunt, Ocean Freight Exchange, SoLo Funds, AI Foundation, Greo, AJUA, Brat, PureStream Trading Technologies, Players' Lounge, Stampede Ventures, Arine, Tipe, Mayvenn, Bitsmash, Slik, Catalyte, G2 Esports, Harper Wilde, Immersive Systems, PlayVS, Grid Raster, Zero Grocery, Ryff, Goodfair, Finli, Bev, Carenote, Simple Health, Grin Scooters, Macro, FanAI, Preveta, Samelogic, Epsilon3, Wonder Dynamics, Hingeto, Airspace Technologies, Zigazoo, Phiar Technologies, Inc., Blueland, Drift, BlocPower, FaZe Clan, Flexport, Omnislash, Overtime, Edge Delta, Fair, Gimlet Media, Tactyc, Alliance of American Football, Pipe, Firefly, FidoCure, RealBlocks, Runa HR, StoreCash, Artie, Walker & Company Brands, FriendSpot, Mighty Bear Games, Firefly Health, Electric Capital, Wild Earth, Remezcla, Encantos, Ox, Supermedium, Mira, Gamelynx, Vantage Point, 70 Million Jobs, Mahmee.

Location of Marlon Nichols is Culver City, United States.

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Marlon Nichols is a Managing General Partner and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Marlon Nichols focuses investing in industries such as: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Entertainment, Machine Learning, Media and Entertainment, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Trading Platform, Analytics, Business Information Systems, Health Care, Medical, B2B, Information Technology, Software, Space Travel, Women Founded, Women Led, Augmented Reality, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Retail, Retail Technology, Supply Chain Management, Wearables, South Asian Founded, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Market Research, Beauty, Computer, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, Professional Networking, Cloud Computing, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media, E-Learning.

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