Michael Biehl

Michael Biehl has made 42 investments in companies such as: SinoVision Technologies, Newrank.cn, SimonsVoss Technologies, Noventic, Yijiupi, Comnitel, Orbiscom, DocMorris, Septeo Group, team.blue Denmark, Antengene Corporation, CaseWare, Litera, Hidrodata, Esendex, Smart Trade Technologies, Eucon, Trados, MeinAuto, The Access Group, Visma, Combell Group, Xyratex, Vast Visibility, CollegeDaily.cn, Intelerad Medical Systems, Citation, IntelliFlo, Mitratech Holdings Inc, Dada, Guomai, Benevity, Acuid Corporation, MediFox GmbH, Hsmap, Hyperion Insurance Group, Silverfin, SFC Koenig, Fe3 Medical, Epyx, Achilles Group, Voyage Care.

Location of Michael Biehl is London, United Kingdom.

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Michael Biehl is a Director and he his investment types are: Private Equity Firm.
Michael Biehl focuses investing in industries such as: Humanitarian, Information Technology, SaaS, Social Assistance, Software, Accounting, Software Engineering, Auto Insurance, Insurance, Retail, Wholesale, Human Resources, Legal, Training, Computer, CRM, Professional Services, Financial Services, FinTech, Trading Platform, Health Care, Medical Device.

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Past investments

  • SinoVision Technologies
  • Newrank.cn
  • SimonsVoss Technologies
  • Noventic
  • Yijiupi
  • Comnitel
  • Orbiscom
  • DocMorris
  • Septeo Group
  • team.blue Denmark
  • Antengene Corporation
  • CaseWare
  • Litera
  • Hidrodata
  • Esendex
  • Smart Trade Technologies
  • Eucon
  • Trados
  • MeinAuto
  • The Access Group
  • Visma
  • Combell Group
  • Xyratex
  • Vast Visibility
  • CollegeDaily.cn
  • Intelerad Medical Systems
  • Citation
  • IntelliFlo
  • Mitratech Holdings Inc
  • Dada
  • Guomai
  • Benevity
  • Acuid Corporation
  • MediFox GmbH
  • Hsmap
  • Hyperion Insurance Group
  • Silverfin
  • SFC Koenig
  • Fe3 Medical
  • Epyx
  • Achilles Group
  • Voyage Care

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