Top Angel Investors in Columbus

Last updated: August 1, 2023

Have you ever been at a stage where there are tons of fantastic startup ideas to execute but no financial resources?

Well, no need to worry. For every idea that has the potential to disrupt the market, there is an angel investor ready to provide funding and guidance in Columbus.

However, pitching the angel investors remains another big issue for entrepreneurs in Columbus who don't have enough knowledge about screening tests and ways to connect with angel investors.

So, without wasting time, let's start discussing the Top 12 Angel Investors in Columbus and ways to connect with them.

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    Top 12 Angel Investors In Columbus

    No doubt that Columbus has become a vibrant landscape for entrepreneurship and innovation.

    However, since there are so many angel investors trying to find the best talent, it can be a little bit confusing to find the perfect investor for your startup. That is why I have prepared a list of Columbus's top 12 Angel Investors with different investing interests.

    Drive Capital

    With 61 total investments, Drive Capital is one of the most well-known and largest venture capital firms operational in Columbus. This venture capital firm offers Seed to Series A+ investments to companies operating in tech-enabled sectors.

    Apart from just funds, Drive Capital also offers mentorship to help portfolio companies solve critical management and operational problems. The investing range of Drive Capital is from $100,000 to $2M.

    Some of the various companies that Drive Capital has invested in include Branch, Accent, Beam Dental, Clinc, Battleface, Drip, Hallow, Kyro, Olive, Tandem, and Stateless.

    Heartland Ventures

    Heartland Ventures is a venture capital firm that is operational in five locations which include Columbus, Indianapolis, New York, San Francisco, and South Bend. This venture capital firm offers Seed and Series A investments to selected startups.

    The primary investment focus of Heartland Ventures is Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Agriculture sectors. The investment range of Heartland Ventures depends on the startups. Usually, they start investing in startups with a $150,000 range and can go up to several million dollars.

    So far, Heartland Ventures has invested in 13 companies, some of which are Soil Connect, StrongArm Tech, LinkedField, WorkStream, Mimir Classroom, and Firmus, among others.

    Sean Lane

    Sean Lane, a notable angel investor based in Columbus, has gained attention for his focus on early-stage technology startups. As a successful entrepreneur, Sean brings invaluable industry experience and expertise to the startups he backs, positioning them for growth and success.

    A vocal advocate for creating a collaborative startup ecosystem, Sean regularly hosts educational events and forums, enabling entrepreneurs to gather insights and knowledge.

    Loud Capital

    Loud Capital is one of the most prominent venture capital firms that offer Seed and Series A investments to companies operating in the Clean Energy, Tech, Healthcare, and other sectors.

    The venture capital firm invests in multiple sectors, such as food, automotive, and others. So far, the network has invested in 54 companies, some of which are Hot Chicken Takeover, Share Mobility, Pay Theory, Casca, Nikola Labs, Couplet Care, and Field Day.

    The investment range of Loud Capital starts from $100,000 to $5M depending on the potential of the startup.

    Echo Investing

    Echo Investing is an angel investment firm based in Columbus focusing on startups operating within the financial technology (FinTech) sector. They seek startups that bring innovative ideas to the financial industry through technologies and services.

    Moreover, Echo Investing frequently organizes industry conferences and seminars, providing startups invaluable opportunities to connect with potential investors and industry experts. Their investment range spans from $50,000 to $700,000, depending on the type of project. Echo Investing Group usually focuses on early seed funding, ensuring the comprehensive support startups require at the starting phase.

    Max Lipnick

    Max Lipnick, another angel investor in Columbus, stands out for his interest in early-stage ventures within the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. With a strong background as a successful entrepreneur, Max actively supports startups that present innovative solutions with the potential to impact the healthcare landscape positively.

    Since he has huge experience in the healthcare industry, Max Lipnick evaluates the startup ideas during the screening test and sees whether they have any chance for Future growth and understanding about early stage startups. Once the startup is screened, Max Lipnik provides financial support and market guidance to ensure the entrepreneur can convert his startup into a brand.

    Not to forget his regular meetups and networking events that allow entrepreneurs to tap into his extensive network of industry professionals.

    Ikove Capital

    Ikove Capital is a recognized venture capital firm that offers Seed and Series A funding to selected startups. The primary focus areas where Ikove invests include DeepTech, MedTech, Stem, and SaaS.

    Ikove believes in the commercialization of technology and helps startups to achieve the same through funding and mentorship.

    So far, Ikove has invested in 16 companies, including Nikola Labs, Atreon Orthopedics, CWD (Circular Wave Drive), Capture, IKOStrips, and Vascular Genesis.

    OBS Financial

    OBS Financial is a reputable angel investment group in Columbus focusing on startups operating within the financial services and technology sectors. They actively engage with startups through workshops and training programs, imparting knowledge and skills that contribute to the startups' overall success.

    OBS Financial is also known for hosting networking, pitch events, and mentorship programs for individuals who want to master business tactics. The investment range of OBS financial ranges from $25,000 to $500,000.

    Bobby Campbell

    Known for his keen interest in e-commerce and retail sectors, Bobby Campbell is an angel investor in Columbus. His marketing and brand management background makes him search for startups with innovative approaches to online retail and enhanced consumer experiences.

    As a mentor and advisor, Bobby offers insights and expertise to startups within his portfolio, ensuring they confidently scale their businesses and navigate the competitive landscape.

    Procter and Gamble Ventures

    Procter and Gamble Ventures stands as a venture capital arm of the multinational consumer goods company, Procter & Gamble, based in Columbus. The firm invests in startups that align with its core product categories, such as personal care, household goods, and beauty products.

    Moreover, Procter and Gamble Ventures actively host initiatives and events that support innovation and entrepreneurship within their designated sectors, ensuring the continuous growth of the startup ecosystem. The investment range of Procter and Gamble Ventures starts from $100,000 and can range up to $10M if the startup shows growth potential.

    Broadstreet Partners

    Broadstreet Partners occupies a prominent position among the angel investment groups in Columbus, devoted to supporting startups related to technology, real estate, and healthcare.

    Moreover, the investment network excels in providing connections and mentorship to startups within its network. Broadstreet Partners regularly organize workshops and seminars, ensuring a vibrant environment of learning and knowledge sharing among their portfolio companies.

    Ohio Innovation Fund

    Ohio Innovation Fund is one of Columbus's most recognized venture capital firms. This venture capital fund offers Seed and Series A funding to companies operating in MedTech, BioPharma, Cell & Gene Therapy, AR/VR, Advanced Manufacturing, SaaS, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and EV & Mobility sectors.

    So far, this firm has invested in 21 companies, of which 5 went on to become unicorns. Some of the companies that the venture firm has invested in include Able, Alviere, Aware, Anchor, Complion, ScriptDrop, and WindPact, among others.

    Wrap Up

    As the entrepreneurial community continues to shine in Columbus, the support from these top-notch angel investors will undoubtedly bolster the city's reputation as a hub for innovation and creativity.

    The best part?

    These angel investors don't just blindly invest in startups but give the entrepreneurs a tough time in the form of screening tests. This helps increase competition and creative thinking as well boosting the startup ecosystem of Columbus.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What sectors does Rev1 Ventures primarily invest in, and how many companies are in its portfolio?

    A: Rev1 Ventures, one of the major venture capital firms in Columbus, focuses on investing in B2B SaaS, Digital Health & Healthcare IT, Life Sciences, Foodtech & Agtech, Advanced Materials, and Alternate Energy sectors. With a portfolio of over 100 companies, Rev1 Ventures actively supports startups at different stages of growth. Their investments include companies like Able, Aware, Brand Thunder, Cape Analytics, Inmobly, and Strongsuit.

    Q: Who is Mark Kvame, and what industries does he invest in?

    A: Mark Kvame is a highly respected angel investor based in Columbus. With a diverse background in finance and technology, Mark brings a wealth of expertise to the startups he supports. He focuses on investing in early-stage ventures with innovative ideas, primarily in the technology and healthcare sectors.

    Q: What sectors does Loud Capital invest in, and where are its physical locations?

    A: Loud Capital has a diverse investment approach, investing in Clean Energy, Tech, Healthcare, food, automotive, and other sectors. Operating from physical locations in Columbus, Chicago, Beijing, and Raleigh, Loud Capital identifies startups with transformative ideas across industries.

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