Top Angel Investors in Denver

Last updated: August 12, 2023

Do you possess an exceptional business idea with the potential to erupt the markets but have insufficient funding?

Fear not!

Many angel investors in Denver are willing to invest in your stellar business. Not only will they just take the risk of investing in your startup, but they will also provide guidance and advice to set your business on the path to success.

However, finding the right-angel investors with similar ideologies can be a huge challenge.

That is why I have prepared the list of the Top 10 Angel Investors in Denver and ways to connect with them.

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    Top 10 Angel Investors in Denver

    In Denver's gigantic number of Angel Investors, the struggle to choose the one matching your interests is overwhelming.

    That is why I have prepared the list of top-ranking Angel Investors/ VC firms in Denver, easing your search for investors.

    Access Ventures

    Access Ventures, a Venture Capital Firm located in Denver, provides the required funding to startups related to the technology sector. Their focus on Seed and Series A funding makes them an attractive choice for early-stage startups aiming to grow and scale.

    Regarding Seed funding, Access Ventures can provide funding ranging from $500,000 to $2 million. This helps startups lay the foundation for their innovative ideas and kick-start their journey toward success.

    However, for startups seeking Series A funding, the firm extends its funding support from $1 million to $5 million.

    With an impressive portfolio of 70 companies, they have strategically chosen ventures with immense growth and impact potential. Some of the notable companies in their portfolio include Bonusly, CloudCampaign, Red Canary, Hyperia, and SpotRight.

    Altria Group

    Altria Group is a well-known angel investor group with significant investments in Denver's oil and gas sector. With a specialized investment focus, the investment network has invested in only 15 startups until now.

    This is due to their selective focus on the oil and gas services sector. However, this focused approach allows them to deeply understand the startups applying for funding and analyze whether they have the potential to impact the markets.

    The investing range of Altria Group spans from $250,000 to $5M.

    Some of the notable companies they have invested in include ResFrac, Seeq, ThoughtTrace, FlexGen Power Systems, and Tubel Technologies.

    Rookies Venture Club

    Rookies Venture Club is another angel investment firm with a prime focus on technology, healthcare, real estate, and fintech-related startups. One of their flagship investing Programs, the Angel Capital Summit, has supported numerous startups in Denver over the years.

    Startups seeking investment opportunities can apply to the Angel Capital Summit, providing them with valuable exposure and potential funding opportunities. Until now, the investment network proudly shares that it has collectively raised over $50 million, demonstrating its huge impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

    First Tracks Ventures

    First Tracks Ventures is a dynamic Seed-stage venture capital firm that has made huge investments in Denver's startup community. Known for its strategic investment approach, the firm focuses on SAAS, Mobile Workforce Management Platforms, Curated E-Commerce, Telehealth, and FinTech.

    First Tracks Ventures specializes in early-stage funding, providing essential capital to promising startups with transformative ideas. Their investment range spans from $50,000 to $700,000, making them an ideal partner for startups at starting stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

    Until now, First Tracks Ventures has invested in 27 startups, most in different fields. Some of them include Airbanq, HomeSpotter, Geospiza, and FoodMaven.

    Garini Ventures

    Garini Ventures, based in Denver, is a notable angel investor group focusing on software-related projects. The network focuses on providing financial support as well as mentorship to early-stage startups in the area. Their investments typically range from $100,000 to $2 million, offering a critical boost to budding entrepreneurs.

    This angel investor group has nurtured and accelerated the growth of several startups. Some of them include Alepo, Choice Assistant, and Xooa.

    Meritage Fund

    Denver-based Meritage Fund is an angel investor group committed to transforming local startups into remarkable organizations. Unlike some other groups with specific domain preferences, Meritage Fund maintains a diverse portfolio, investing in startups across various sectors.

    The investment network follows a strict screening test pattern that allows them to filter the best startup ideas with significant growth potential. The investment range of Maritage Fund spans from$100,000 to $750,000.

    Some famous startups that Maritage Fund has invested in over the past years include SmartSky, Crisp, Masergy, and Faction.

    Colorado Startups

    Colorado Startups stands out as an angel investor group and online accelerator that plays a significant role in connecting entrepreneurs and startups to different investors.

    As an investor group, Colorado Startups provides financial support and mentorship to startups that are in need. Moreover, the network also facilitates connections with other investor groups, creating a collaborative and supportive environment for entrepreneurial growth.

    Denver Angels

    Founded in 2016, Denver Angels is a renowned angel investor group with diverse investment interests. The investment network specifically focuses on Denver-based companies, actively seeking investment opportunities in eight to twelve promising startups.

    The company's investment range typically spans $200,000 to several million dollars, providing startups with the financial boost needed to fuel their growth and development. Denver Angels have investing criteria that these startups will scale up, become financially robust, and generate over 200 per cent more revenue.

    Innosphere Ventures

    Innosphere Ventures stands out as both an accelerator and an incubator, with an additional angel investment initiative that actively supports local Denver and Colorado startups. Their investment focus is usually on startups related to SaaS applications, Tech, and MedTech innovations that can potentially boost the technology and medical sectors.

    Primarily targeting early-stage companies, Innosphere Ventures invests in startups that require substantial funding, with investments ranging from $100,000 to $2M.

    GAN Ventures

    GAN Ventures is a venture capital firm known for focusing on early-stage investments. The company targets startups across diverse sectors, including technology, healthcare, consumer products and fintech.

    To ensure they fund the most deserving startups, GAN Ventures conducts tough screening tests. They carefully evaluate business models, market opportunities, competitive advantages, and the strength of the founding team. Startups that pass these assessments are selected for funding and receive the firm's strategic guidance and support to foster growth and success.

    The investment range of GAN ventures spans from $50,000 to $1M, depending on the startup.

    Wrap Up

    That said, let us move on to some tips for connecting with angel investors. Before appearing for the screening tests, individuals with business ideas or entrepreneurs should remember that angel investors look for specific criteria in the individuals or businesses they invest in. These include a great business idea, a solid team, proof of concept, and traction in customers or revenue. Thus, presenting these elements as part of your pitch is very important.

    Moreover, don't forget to emphasize why investing in your venture now can make a difference. Explain how investors can benefit from the current trends in the market and why it's a great opportunity to invest at this time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do Angel Investors have a specific investing interest?

    A: Yes, angel investors typically have specific investing interests. Some may focus on particular industries, such as technology or healthcare, while others prefer specific stages, like early-stage or growth startups. Understanding their investing interests helps startups target the right investors and increases the likelihood of securing funding.

    Q: Why is it important to understand the different stages of startups?

    A: Understanding different startup stages is vital as it helps align startups with suitable funding sources. Early-stage startups need seed funding, while growth-stage startups require larger investments. Tailoring funding requests to match the startup's stage improves the chances of attracting investors who are interested in supporting that particular phase.

    Q: How to pass the screening tests hosted by different angel investors?

    A: To pass screening tests and pitch angel investors, startups must prepare thoroughly.

    Create a compelling pitch deck highlighting the problem, solution, and market potential. Showcase a strong team and a clear business model. Research the investors' preferences and tailor the pitch accordingly. Be concise, authentic, and demonstrate a well-defined growth plan to impress potential investors.

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