Top 9 Angel Investors in Washington D.C

Last updated: August 30, 2023

Have you got a thrilling startup idea but no funding to get things started?

Fear not!

The Angel investors in Washington are willing to invest in startups with exceptional growth potential and unique ideas. They usually invest their money and also bring a wealth of experience and contacts that could help your venture succeed.

However, when looking for an angel investor, the most important thing to remember is that they invest in businesses they believe in. They don't just look at your business plan and financials - they also want to be sure that you are passionate about your product or service and have a solid strategy.

So, let's waste no more time and move on to the list of Top 9 Angel Investors in Washington and ways to connect with them.

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    Top 9 Angel Investors In Washington

    Following is the list of some of the top angel investors/ VC firms in Washington.

    However, remember that different angel investors have their investing interests. While most modern angel investors like to invest in Tech and healthcare, some like to go the extra step and invest in unique fields, including blockchain and the Esports industry.

    Purple Angel Group

    Purple Angel, founded in 2001, has massively contributed to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Washington. Their strategic focus on venture capital investment in infrastructure and communication sectors demonstrates an acute understanding of market trends. With over $3.4 million invested across 29 companies, it's no surprise that Purple Angel Investment group loves to help startups accomplish their dreams.

    The network consists of many investors who don't just provide funding but also provide guidance to the portfolio companies. They help them understand their mistakes and provide expert financial advice to ensure the startup reaches its maximum potential.

    Through investments in ventures like Origin Bio-Med, Energate, HRSG, and LiveQoS, Purple Angel leverages its capital to support growth and connectivity.

    New Dominion Angels

    Established in 2008, New Dominion Angels is an investment network with a spirit of collaborative investing in the heart of Washington D.C. The network comprises a group of investors/entrepreneurs with diverse investing interests. Their investors don't just focus on monetary gains but also provide mentorship to their portfolio startups. 

    New Dominion Angels host strict screening tests ensuring only the most promising startups make it through. Their strategic focus aligns with the vibrant startup ecosystem of Washington, providing support to startups like Blue Triangle Technologies, Octopus, Link Labs, and Amplio. 

    Angel Investment Network

    Dedicated to supporting different startups since 2008, the Angel Investment Network (AIN) is a Washington-based venture capital firm.

    AIN's Angel Investors have invested in over 200 startups across different sectors and industries, bringing new life to each company. With its strong network of investors in the United States and abroad, AIN has become an invaluable asset for early-stage companies looking to raise funds or access the right resources.

    AIN's Angel Investors are highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals who are heavily investing in supporting the success of Washington startups. Some of its portfolio companies include Lybrate, a healthcare platform, and Glance Technologies, a mobile engagement platform. 

    Washington DC ArchAngels

    Washington DC ArchAngels emerged in 2011 as a hope for innovative startups. Located in Washington D.C., this angel investor isn't just limited to providing funding. The network helps startups gain global exposure to showcase their potential. These visionaries have diversified focus encompassing clean technology, aviation, healthcare, energy, life sciences, and infrastructure.

    Until now, Washington DC ArchAngles has invested in many startups. Some of their portfolio companies include New York Private Equity Forum, Network Connect, and New Jersey Angel Network. Their investment range spans from $200,000 to $2M.

    Halcyon Investing Network

    Halcyon Investing Network, established in 2019, is an Angel investing network that supports a wide range of startups. Their investment interests include a variety of industries, such as artificial intelligence, the health industry, machine learning, and more.

    They provide early-stage investments for startups with investments ranging from $50K to $300K. Their mission is to assist entrepreneurs in helping their businesses reach their highest potential.

    Moreover, Halcyon Investing Network also provides mentorship services to help entrepreneurs further develop and refine their business plans. They offer a six-month intense incubation program that helps founders to scale up their businesses through intensive strategy sessions, networking events, and access to capital opportunities.

    Some of their portfolio companies include startup ventures such as Sempra Energy and MyselfCare Inc.  


    StartupLanes, a cross-border investor, extends its influence from India to Washington D.C. Founded in 2016, this platform offers a fusion of investment opportunities and banking services, boosting Washington's startup ecosystem. 

    With a diverse portfolio spanning 7700+ startups worldwide, StartupLanes has connected investors worldwide. Among its numerous success stories is Caspian Technologies, which provides cutting-edge marketing solutions for small businesses in Washington D.C. The company gained access to essential capital through StartupLanes's network of Angel Investors.

    The platform has also enabled startups to acquire technology, resources, and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs in Washington D.C. This allows them to grow exponentially and pave their way to becoming successful companies that can impact the city.    

    Jennifer O'Daniel

    Jennifer O' Daniel is an individual angel investor who focuses on startups related to technology, social media, and digital marketing. Jennifer has a keen eye for startups with market-erupting ideas and massive growth potential. She is committed to helping Washington startups become successful and provides entrepreneurs with valuable advice on how to grow their businesses. 

    Although Jennifer doesnt mention her investing range, she starts investing in startups from $100,000 to several million dollars.

    Some of her portfolio companies include SocialX, Nopi Technologies, and MediaMob.

    1863 Ventures

    1863 Ventures is another giant VC Firm in Washington that likes to invest in a wide range of startups. Founded by entrepreneur and investor Ambika Singh, this venture firm invests in early-stage startups that focus on technology, software, healthcare, and social media. 

    Operating in Washington D.C, 1863 Ventures strives to build strong relationships with their portfolio companies and equip them with the resources they need for success. Their screening tests are relatively difficult compared with other investors as the network seeks promising individuals with unique ideas.

    As for the investing range, 1863 Ventures funds startups from $50,000 to 3M, depending on the type of the project. 

    Some of its portfolio startups include Petaluma Farms, MyBondedLoan, and RentSpree.

    Citrine Angels

    Being one of the investing giants in Washington D.C, Citrine Angles has focused on a diverse range of startups since its inception in 2008. This angel investment group usually likes to support female-led startups. Fuelled by a mission to drive the growth of women-founded businesses, Citrine Angels extends beyond traditional investments. They create a nurturing environment where education and opportunities converge to empower women entrepreneurs.

    The significance of their mission is mirrored in their investment range upto $8.5 million. Their success stories include investments like Karuna Health, a digital health platform that provides members access to emotional intelligence tools; Karius, a precision diagnostic laboratory; and AlphaSense, an AI-powered search engine for financial data. 

    Wrap Up

    Now that we're done discussing the top Angel Investors in Washington D.C, let's discuss some tips about creating a compelling pitch deck.

    When pitching angel investors, it's important to ensure your pitch deck is tailored specifically to their needs and interests. Make sure you provide them with a clear explanation of what your product or service does, as well as a comprehensive business plan that includes project milestones, financial projections, and exit strategies.

    Other than that, always be confident while explaining your idea. Angel investors are more likely to invest in projects demonstrating the potential for success and growth. Show them you have a plan and know what it takes to make your business profitable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does funding startups benefit Angel Investors?

    A: Angel Investors benefit from funding startups through potential high returns on investment, diversification of their portfolio, and the satisfaction of contributing to new business growth. They also gain access to innovative ideas and networks that can expand their business opportunities.

    Q: What is the general investing range of angel investors in Washington?

    A: Angel investors in Washington typically invest in the range of $25,000 to $1M per startup. This range allows them to support promising ventures while managing their investment risk. The specific amount depends on factors like the startup's stage, market potential, and the investor's financial capability.

    Q: How to pitch angel investors?

    A: To effectively pitch angel investors, craft a concise and compelling business plan that outlines your startup's unique value proposition, target market, and revenue model. Highlight the problem your product or service solves and demonstrate a deep understanding of your industry. Showcase your team's expertise and provide a clear roadmap for growth. Utilize networking events, introductions, or online platforms to connect with potential investors and secure a pitch presentation.

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