Arctaris provides royalty-based capital as well as subordinated debt to expansion stage companies in the eastern USA, seeking $1-10M. It is one of a new generation of venture funds that are offering a new approach to funding companies following the 2008 economic meltdown. It is not dilutive as there is no requirement that warrants or equity be part of the cost. Companies should have trailing revenue in excess of $5M/year and be EBITDA positive. Royalty financing is a variation of mezzanine debt, and is ideal for 1) Funding expansion; 2) Financing acquisitions; 3) Recapitalizations; 4) Going Private; 6) Public and private companies that wish to raise capital without diluting ownership; 7) Redeeming public or private shares. Ask for a copy of our white paper that describes this unusual form of financing, at: info@arctaris.com

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States