Azafran Capital Partners is a New York City-based Deep Transformational Technologies Venture Fund. Azafran Fund II invests in post-seed companies utilizing disruptive voice, acoustics/sensory, and imagery technologies embedded with augmented AI /ML in the health, wellness and enterprise markets. Azafran invests in companies that have put seed capital to good use while demonstrating vision and entrepreneurial leadership, with clear product-market fit and strong traction. We are in the midst of the most rapid acceleration of technology the world has experienced, maybe ever. Social distancing has only accentuated trends that were already well underway such as machine learning and technology moving to the edge. This is a moment when the modalities of voice, acoustics/sensory and imagery have been elevated to mission critical. From healthcare to customer care, entrepreneurs across the globe are developing groundbreaking solutions and technologies. As proven entrepreneurs and investors, we invest early in innovative teams solving challenging problems disrupting large markets with deep technology, embedded in end to end solutions. In 2020 our research team tracked $27B of transactions in our defined market, up from $23B in 2019, $9B in 2018 and $4B in 2017 @ 75% CAGR. The Azafran Capital team is hands on, with deep domain expertise and great networks, with many years experience having worked together across multiple enterprises. We have built many companies large and small, we are operators, having been through the full lifecycle time and time again, from raising capital, to hiring and firing, and all aspects of management which we bring to bear every day for our portfolio companies. Azafran is Spanish for “Saffron” which is known to be the most valuable spice in the world. At one time Saffron was more valuable than gold, used as currency and was viewed as possessing transformational value. Our name Azafran reminds us of our international scope and our mission to find founders who are developing transformational technology and seeking to build extraordinary companies.

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Location: New York City, New York, United States