In Strong Corporate Group spent years investing in innovation as an essential growth factor in an increasingly globalized world in which what really matters are the responses obtained to the demands raised. Therefore, in each of the companies decided to form their holding, since its foundation, being always on the side of the consumer, customer and user because their needs is their cornerstone, their real reason for being. And they are service companies. Strong Corporate Group is a holding company in each of its proposals and the core business of the group is Agroalimentaria area, also highlighting the area of Investment Diversification. Their modus operandi is based on reinvestment, constant improvement, job creation, wealth and sustainable development, covering different areas of activity which ensures greater strength and future proof. Strong Group they are oriented to the creation of wealth and keen philosophy of "Total Quality" to provide their customers the best service in any of the two areas in which they operate business group. The holding`s turnover last year (2011 data), a total of 1,106 million euros, 15% more than the previous year. Currently, Fuertes Group manages more than 20 companies and their workforce exceeds 5,500 people, distributed by companies operating in different sectors.

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Location: Alhama de Murcia, Murcia, Spain