Outliers was originally a special interest group (SIG) for SciFi-inspired research at MIT. We imagineered science fiction into scientific prototypes and published scientific papers as a student-run research community. 20 students syndicated $2M and elected Poseidon as a GP for Outliers Fund I. We read 880+ papers, tokenomics, smart contracts, advised 160+ startups, invested and exited 32 deals (16.2x from 2016 to 2018) With these research foundation and venture experience, we founded Outliers Lab #1 to incubate 9 startups with $100M+ raised, two filing IPO, invested and exited 6 deals as Outliers Fund II (11.2x from 2018 to 2021) We raised $20M for Outliers Fund III, structured $20M ecosystem funds with XYO, Conflux, Cipholio and deployed Fund III on Ethereum via Syndicate and are shipping the fund terms / operations on smart contracts. We are incorporating security / governance / non-fungible tokens and recruiting 99 researchers / founders / investors as founding members to OutliersDAO, a collective intelligence & community-driven venture DAO.

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Location: Palo Alto, California, United States