At SoftUni Global we support businesses and individuals with software developer courses and equip educators with the teaching materials and software needed for them to extend their course offerings. We provide a variety of services for finding the right job candidates and raising teams’ qualifications, making it easier for companies to meet their business goals. Our services for corporate clients include assistance in hiring junior developers, organizing IT bootcamps for job candidates, conducting online and on-site employees trainings in niche technologies, providing software for evaluating job applicants’ technical skills, and helping to establish an e-learning academy from the ground up. Firmly believing in the power of quality education, we license complete teaching materials and software for over 250 professional, group, or self-paced programs and open courses in Programming, Design, and Digital Marketing to individual coaches and educational organizations. When the standardized programs are not meeting the needs of our clients, we are fully prepared to create custom curriculums and teaching aids that do. We also help individuals transform their lives with comprehensive programming classes. Our professional programs are designed to give total beginners the skills and knowledge to succeed as Java or JavaScript developers – some of the most in-demand and well-paid jobs in the world. Find the right resources for you and our goals at softuni.org.

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