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The BC Tech Association is guided by their mission to make BC the best place to grow a tech company. For more than 20 years, BC Tech (formerly the BCTIA) has been providing opportunities for the tech industry to collaborate, learn, and grow together. They are dedicated to connecting companies, developing talent, sharing stories, and advocating on behalf of tech companies to keep their industry thriving. Since their founding in 1993, the tech industry has quintupled to nearly $25 billion in revenue. In that time, They have played a privileged role in supporting the growth of the tech community that now includes over 9,000 companies, employing more than 90,000 people, and that has been one of the strongest contributors to BC’s economic growth over the past decade. They serve as a platform to grow the tech ecosystem, building programs and initiatives that uphold their core values: Be of Service, Succeed Together, Pay it Forward.

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Program duration in weeks: 24
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Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada