Boston Landing was created to provide companies the opportunity to participate in the U.S. market, access U.S.-based connections and learn first-hand how to do business in the U.S., with the support of experts. Boston Landing clients understand that the U.S. market is critical for their long-term growth because of the size of the market and the availability of alternate expertise, financial resources, and capabilities. Boston Landing is offering global companies and organizations the opportunity to learn and grow their businesses through participation in the Boston innovation community and access its experts and capabilities. Whether you are looking to explore the U.S. market and business environment or to open an office in the U.S. we can offer you a customized program to meet your needs. Boston Landing’s team of experts and broad group of advisors work closely with their clients and maintain productive relationships even when organizations return to their country of origin. We provide space and office support, but we are not in the business of renting space. We are in the business of developing global companies and supporting them with the breadth of expertise and financial support of the Boston and greater U.S. community. We encourage entrepreneurs and companies to connect to Boston’s vibrant scientific, medical, high tech, clean tech and business networks and leverage the relationships that develop. Our office space hosts organizations and companies at all stages of development, from early stage to mature companies some with products and services on the market. Our goal is to facilitate executive growth in the areas that are critical to them and their organizations, so they can use their learned expertise to support their companies. Boston Landing is rapidly becoming the primary go-to location for international companies investigating their opportunities for entry into the U.S.


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