CEEI ARAGON is a reference center for the development and consolidation of technology-based company projects, where we transform an IDEA into a REALITY. Our mission is to contribute to the growth of ARAGÓN, by supporting the business project in all its areas to guarantee its success. We are a group of innovative people who transmit passion and enthusiasm; optimism and enthusiasm; credibility, honesty and cooperation with the entrepreneur in such a way that we take care of everything so that the entrepreneur only worries about developing his project. CEEI ARAGON has held the BIC, Business Innovation Center quality label since 1992, awarded by the Directorate General for Regional Policy of the European Union, DG XVI. Today the importance and validity of the CEEI concept extends not only throughout the community but also to neighboring Central European countries thanks to the efforts of the CEEI`s association, EBN. Constantly enriched by the knowledge and accumulation of experiences of all the members of this European network, the CEEI`s have become an essential instrument, engine of local development and interregional cooperation, as well as an effective contribution to the reduction of differences between regions and greater economic and social cohesion. The CEEI`s constitute a cornerstone in the construction of Europe.

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Location: Huesca, Aragon, Spain