------- NOTICE: This is not about entrepreneurship. -------- - Human evolution is about solving the same problems but with a different point of view. - Last 100 years, we have exploded in population, mass production and energy consumption. We were born with the values of efficiency, productivity and shortage producing relationships based on n competition and property. --------- Humans have turned into machines. - This has worked well but we can improve in wealth distribution, violence, financial inclusion, and education. In the near future humans will let machines do the hard jobs and we’ll do the soft ones Values of collaboration, creativity, innovation and abundance will turn into common. Millennials are the key for this change. 65% of the them are worried about this and want to do something. Communication Technology and information access, are the main accelerators of these changes. For this we need the proper environment. In the startup community, It is necessary to have coworking, accelerators, investors and to develop a startup culture. Mendoza is the place to make this happen This beautiful city, with 1,8 millon inhabitants has the right size, excellent life quality, 9 universities and 5 related to IT, A great social network that makes it easy to spread the word and confidence. We are focusing on #rethinkagriculture, #rethinkfinances, #rethinkenergy making them also blockchain friendly. Our 500 sq meters campus is the perfect place to make this happen. Innovation, Arts and Technology in the same place. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/campusolegario/ Our team has more than 7 years combined building tech/digital products and companies, have degrees from top business schools, focus on community building in Mendoza and have visiting startups ecosystem around the world. Our front End advisory board from the top Startups Companies and VC in LATAM like Despegar, Mercado Libre, Google and Kaszek Ventures. Our program is base on 3 stages, running simultanoulty 2 time a year: -> Pre-Acceleration Program: 4 Month - Part Time - Coinvest (entrepreneur - Embarca) - 2k u$s ----> Target 40 project / year -> Acceleration Program: 4 month - Full Time - Coinvest (Goverment - Embarca) - 50u$k / 10% Equit ----> Target 10/15 project / year -> Post Acceleration Program: Indefine time - Follow-on investments - 100k u$s / Proyect. ----> Target 1/3 project / year More info, inscription or private investment in https://www.f6s.com/embarca


Satellite Communication

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20 weeks

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Convertible Note


Mendoza, Mendoza



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