Environment Park is an innovation accelerator for businesses looking to use eco-efficient solutions to expand their markets; a gatherer of ideas that will get businesses one step ahead and more competitive in the global economy. Environment Park is a public joint-stock company that operates under a system of free competition. Its activities are divided into two business units: Innovation and Development and Real Estate Services. The first provides expert technical advice and market solutions in Green Building, Plasma Nano-Tech, Green Chemistry (biomass treatment), Advanced Energy (energy production and storage) and Clean Tech (technology transfer). The Real Estate Services unit, on the other hand, is the operative area of Environment Park, focusing on the management and relaunching of its business area, which covers over 30,000 square metres and houses around 70 businesses devoted to technological innovation. EnviPark provides businesses and public administrations with solutions for energy saving, waste disposal, clean energy, new materials and fundraising, so that they may successfully revolutionise their personal modus operandi. Today, Environment Park is a privileged spokesman for businesses investing in innovation, thanks to its role as broker of new technologies, a position that has been developed through more than 10 years’ experience in the production industry. Environment Park organizes visits to its complex in via Livorno for schools, associations and professional delegations. This initiative includes an expert-led guided tour around the company laboratories and to demonstrate the clean technologies which can be found in an area which is a veritable open-air laboratory.

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Location: Turin, Italy