Fledge is a network of business accelerators operating around the world, working with startups in every country. Our focus is on mission-driven for-profit companies, i.e. companies that are working on meaningful problems of the world, using a for-profit business model to solve those problems. Problems like poverty and hunger in emerging markets, recycling and sustainability, green energy, inequality, and more. Each city where Fledge operates is unique. Some like Seattle seek entrepreneurs globally, working on any problem. Some like The Land Accelerator focus on specific themes in specific geographies. Some like Peru and Barcelona are in between. Then there is the Impact Startup Visa Program, which focuses on companies that want to relocate to Canada, and Start.coop, which focuses on cooperative companies. If you are running an impactful startup, we have a program that fits what you do.

Program Types:
Program duration in weeks: 7
Investment Stages:

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States