HAX Boost takes teams with hardware products and turns them into cash cows. HAX Boost recruits 10+ teams of 2 entrepreneurs. The teams go through a competitive application process and agree to locate themselves in San Francisco for the duration of the program. Over 6 weeks, they will build and refine their sales and marketing strategy, and test their retail fit. HAX Boost chooses great founders who are in a position to scale up, and ideally solve real problems or create a meaningful change to our current technological state. The HAX experience doesn’t stop at the end of this program. HAX Boost will continue to help as you grow your startup. There’s a lot that has to come together to turn a great idea into a great company — resources, talent, marketing, sales, partnerships, etc. HAX Boost be there to help as you take those important next steps.

Program Types:
Program duration in weeks: 6
Investment Stages:

Location: San Francisco, California, United States