More than 20,000 young Hondurans will have access to seed capital, training and scholarships to become technology entrepreneurs and make their business idea come true. The Government of the Republic, through the Honduran Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (IHCIETI), launches the third edition of Honduras StartUp, with the aim of promoting 4 thousand enterprises and generating new job opportunities. This year we have 12 million lempiras in seed capital to support these new ventures, additionally training is provided through talks, conferences and mentoring endorsed by the Innovation Center of the University of Uruguay. People over 18 who have an idea, business plan, entrepreneurship or StartUp can participate in teams of 3 to 5 people. Minors interested in participating must have a tutor who supports the project. Registration is open from October 18 to November 18 of the current year, on the website www.hondurastartup.com where the rules and conditions are available. For more information, you can contact the number 9668-1571 and email consultations@hondurastarup.com. This initiative promoted by the President of the Republic, the lawyer Juan Orlando Hernández, began in 2016. That year, 2,750 people received 8 MILLION LEMPIRAS in seed capital for their technological ventures. In 2017, 4 million lempiras were delivered in seed capital, and 217 computers to develop the same number of projects in order to encourage entrepreneurs and generate more jobs in the country; Likewise, 1 million 200 thousand lempiras were delivered as seed capital among 30 traditional Startups. That same year, the largest technological event in the history of Honduras, Honducamp.Tech, was incorporated, which managed to gather more than 5,000 participants, 30 high-level exhibitors, among which the creator of WAZE, Uri Levine, and Dr. David stood out. Hanson, who was with his SOFIA robot, between multiple tech shows. Honduras Startup encourages you to be your own boss, to develop your ideas, to compete and to show that your dreams are possible.



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