Intelak is a technology and innovation hub, based in Dubai, that supports early and late-stage start-ups with the education, mentorship, tools and resources needed to address business challenges in global aviation and tourism. Intelak Hub’s principal partners - the Emirates Group, Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), Accenture and Microsoft - provide support, expertise and mentorship at each stage of the Hub’s programmes. Intelak Accelerator: An eight-week programme for late-stage start-ups looking to scale their businesses that address key challenges for our principal partners. (https://intelak.com/accelerator/) Intelak Incubator: An eight-week programme for early-stage start-ups to move their business through the launch stage. (https://intelak.com/incubator/) Intelak Idea Lab: A three-week programme designed specifically for UAE Nationals with a start-up idea in aviation, travel or tourism. (https://intelak.com/idea-lab/)

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Location: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates