IoT Tribe is an equity-free accelerator focusing on getting IoT startups from design to manufacture to market. IoT Tribe supports connections with investors and corporates to develop relationships for creating new products and achieving growth. We founded IoT Tribe from the experience we gained through the 2 years of running Startup Scaleup, the Startup Europe IoT accelerator. We’ve worked with founders, investors and mentors to set up a programme that really helps them scale by accessing cross-border opportunities from the start. With IoT Tribe, we want to strengthen the ties between corporates and start-ups, helping both to find stronger positions in their markets and grow in a way they couldn’t without each other. Our mission is to get the start-ups to their first big enterprise sale and our corporates to their next big revenue generator.


Virtual Reality
Big Data
Internet of Things
Augmented Reality
Quantum Computing

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