Kyvo Design is a global innovation consultancy that enables organizations to provide valuable experiences that become great stories. They understand that to innovate is to create new possibilities for companies and people. Is to improve the present and design a more creative, connected and favorable future. Innovating is collective. It’s a positive impact of a value that transforms not only a company but whole lives. It’s more than a step ahead. It’s a primordial step. Their APPROACH Inspired by design processes, they created a 3-step method, that makes use of several visual tools to extract the best of everyone in the projects and deliver what is relevant for the client. DIVE > they dive into their client’s problem with an immersion research. DRAFT > they design solutions through ideating in a cocreative environment of experimentation DELIVER > they deliver what is important for their client and relevant for the user.


UX Design
Product Design

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17 weeks

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São Paulo