Nielsen Innovate (NIF) is an early stage incubator and investment fund that specializes in retail, research, marketing and media technologies. NIF`s partnership with Nielsen gives startups an unrivaled advantage with access to its network, knowledge and resources. Nielsen Innovate is constantly looking for entrepreneurs that can both dream and execute. If you have the idea for the next big thing; an innovative technological approach; and a well thought-through vision - please apply @ http://nif.vc/apply Based in the ancient city of Caesarea (Israel), NIF provides startups with funding and a variety of services, including financial services, operational support, office space, strategic guidance, hands-on management, mentorship program, business development and network of worldwide partners and customers. The team supporting and guiding the portfolio companies has a strong track record and years of experience in building successful companies globally. It also offers unique benefits and introductions to potential follow up financing.

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Location: Caesarea, Israel