We at “plan your start-ups” are here to make your dream startup a reality. As we all know all the start-ups have 5w(what, why, who, when, where) and 1h(how), so you come to us with a what(an idea) and the rest 4w and 1h we are. You must be thinking, this is something every startup planning firm will promise, so what so unique about plan your startup that you should come to us? Then let us explain why. Just imagine a situation where an idea have just popped up in your mind and you planned your whole dream startup. Then you went to a startup counselling firm and no one is able to understrand what you are trying to say and start adding their own perceptions to your idea and try to give their own direction, imagine how would you feel then. So, this is the answer to your question about coming to plan your startup. 1.we are 100% transparent and you can always have an eye on what are we doing to your startup idea. 2.your startup idea becomes a reality and becomes an inspiration to millions of young minds to choose the path of their dreams. 3.your startup idea is totally safe in firm and you can relax with a cup of coffee. 4.don’t worry about giving your idea to inexperienced as we serve you with people with 15-20 years of experience in their respective fields. So come to us with an idea and we will tell you why to start, where to start, who to contact, when to start and how to make your dream idea a reality.


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