School motto in 5 words: Bright Entrepreneurs`​ Experience Transferred Online Goals Increase the percentage of entrepreneurs in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and boost their economies by our non-profit public initiative. Basically do almost the same thing you guys do with Startup School. How? 1. By running a 2 month course of free to attend lectures twice a year with prominent local entrepreneurs and philosophists in top rated startup locations in Russia and Ukraine to cover: generating ideas, building products, getting funds, making PR, managing teams, etc 2. Running within a course weekly online and in-house mentor sessions to assist startups in determining their metrics and goals, and help them survive. 3. Spread the video with lectures through own channels and partners like business incubators, accelerators, funds, coworkings, business centers, job sites, universities and online media 4. Run online demo-days and partner with different funds, incubators, angel investors


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