Santora Nakama is a startup studio based in Bangkok. We act as a co-founder to reduce the failure rate of startups. We originate & evaluate ideas & take an active role in the early days of the business. We support entrepreneurs by providing... Seed Capital Focus and dedication on your product from day 1. No concerns or distractions around capital. We fund you to Series A. Advice & Mentorship We’ve built successful companies before. We guide you through everything that matters, from setting the right culture to developing a scalable product. Functional Expertise & Execution Our experienced team has broad industry knowledge. We work directly with you on key areas like Product Development, Market Fit, UI/UX, Data Science, PR & Performance Marketing. Operational Assistance Get Support Functions right from the start. We take care of Finance, Legal & HR so you can focus on what really matters. Connections Access our broad network of talent, companies, service providers, advisors and investors. In short, we support & guide entrepreneurs all the way from setup through to Series A.

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Location: Bangkok, Thailand