Smarter in the City is a high-tech accelerator in Roxbury. They are specifically addressing the lack of opportunities for computer science and digital media entrepreneurs in inner-city neighborhoods and minority communities. Smarter in the City is essentially a hybrid of the incubator and accelerator models - workspaces where new and innovative startup ideas can grow with supportive colleagues, dedicated mentorship, a tailored education curriculum and pre-seed funding. Their participants are early stage entrepreneurs who will have a short yet intense time to advance their products. By locating their workspaces in Roxbury and recruiting individuals or teams from communities that have been disproportionately left out of the high-tech world, Smarter in the City is expanding the startup scene beyond its ‘traditional’ market. Their accelerator is now open in Dudley Square in Boston, one of the nation’s leading technology hubs. With high-tech startups now emerging in cities across the nation, they believe that the industry must also expand to neighborhoods that are only a few miles or subway stops from established tech clusters and venture capitalists.


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